Worship and Choir



The Worship Ministry in St Hilda’s Church has a long history. From the days of a lively single liturgical worship service in the late1960s to the three English services we have today, the St Hilda’s worship ministry has progressed from a solitary organ’s full-bodied chords to a full range of musical instruments – vocals, the guitar, piano, bass, drums, and sometimes even a flute, violin or even trombone. The worship teams comprise individuals whose superb musical talent is only exceeded by their desire to serve the Lord.

St Hilda’s Choir

The Choir plays a key role in the worship services of the Church. Reaching out at special services such as Easter, Christmas and during Confirmation Sundays, they have greatly blessed God and the congregation through their ministry of song and music. Many in the choir have little to no musical background. But that has not deterred them from picking up new vocal and theoretical skills by listening to rehearsal tracks and memorizing through practice.