Service Times


(Effective from 3 January 2021)

  • 2:00pm – E3 in Bethel Hall
  • 5:00pm – Saturday Evening Service (SES) in Church Sanctuary (Holy Communion)
  • 8:00am – E1 in Church Sanctuary (Holy Communion)
  • 10:15am – E2 in Bethel Hall (Holy Communion)
  • Seats for all services are limited. Booking is recommended if you wish to be assured of a seat in the service.
    Please log on to or call the church office to make your booking.

    Livestream Holy Communion Services will be available on Saturdays at 5pm

    YouTube channel:

    Online (Non Holy Communion) Services is available on Sundays from 8am

    YouTube channel:

    The podcast (audio of the sermon only) will be available each Tuesday.

    Private Worship

    The church sanctuary is open for prayer and worship (without singing) during the week for up to 45mins, alone or in groups of max 5 people. You may book your time slot by calling the church office at 63443463.


    • Tuesday to Saturday, 9am and 10.30am (except Wednesday)
    • Tuesday to Friday, 2.30pm and 4pm

    Children’s Ministries

    Saturday at 5pm

    • Primary 4 and below in Daniel Room
    • Primary 5 & 6 in Room 202

    Sunday at 8am

    • Pre-school (Age 4-6) & Primary 1-3 in Room 202
    • Primary 4 to 6 in Room 210
    • Youth ministry – The Creed in room 201

    Sunday at 10:15am

      • Pre-school Class (Aged 4 – 6) in Room 201
      • Primary 1 to 3 – in Daniel Room
      • Primary 4 to 6 – in Joshua Hall

      (For more information, please contact the church office).