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“Be Still and Know You are God”

5 December 2022
A Testimony from Ps Allison Chee
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
My journey with God ……
I want to give thanks and praise to God, my beloved family, the family of God at St Hilda’s and the wider body of Christ for praying for me, especially during these past few weeks. My diagnosis must have come as a shock to many of you and I think some may have asked “why?”, “what happened?” “how come?” But thanks be to God – I was so filled with the overflowing love of God during my stay in hospital because I knew that many of you at St Hilda’s were covering me in prayer. The song that God placed in heart was the chorus of “Still” – “when the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm, Father You are King over the flood, I will be still and know You are God”. I felt so assured that all I needed was to just be still and know that He is in control, and I will soar with Him above the storm. I felt very calm and carefree throughout my stay in hospital.
This whole episode started sometime in mid-September when I occasionally felt stuck during a conversation and had difficulty thinking, speaking or even finding words to speak. After a few seconds I was able to continue with the conversation and so I didn’t think much of it. However, when I realised that it was happening a bit too frequent, I decided to make an appointment with the NNI at TTSH. I was given an appointment in May 2023. Then towards the end of September I felt light-headed now and then. Thinking that it was because I lacked sleep, I went to see my GP. He refused to give me any sleeping tablets, told me to keep calling TTSH for an earlier appointment as usually there are cancellations, and didn’t even charge me for the consultation. So, I kept calling TTSH over the next few days and I finally got an earlier appointment date – in late December. In the meantime, I continued taking sleeping medication buy never got a good night’s sleep.
On Wednesday, 2 November, after the staff meeting, Vicar was asking me for an update on the Memorial Service for that night, and during our conversation I gradually couldn’t talk. This time it was bad. It lasted longer than usual. I had to rest for a while before I recovered and then went for lunch with the staff. In the meantime, I had texted Pat to tell her that I was quite bad today. She immediately tried calling me, but my phone was still on silent mode as I forgot to turn it back to sound mode after the staff meeting. God must have moved Pat into action, and she came to church to drive me down to TTSH A&E. At the A&E I didn’t have to wait too long before I was checked and sent to the Observation ward. A very nice and caring doctor attended to me. I was told that I would have to be warded for further tests and scans and that I was to change into the hospital gown. I had called my sister and so she and Pat were waiting outside the ward. I was surprised that the caring doctor came by again to show her concern. It was as if God was assuring me of His love and care for me.
From 2 – 5 November I was put through numerous scans and blood tests. The first MRI of my brain showed no evidence of a stroke but a 2 cm tumour. A contrast scan was then done, and it confirmed that it was a secondary tumour. So, a body scan had to be done the next day to determine the primary source. During the body scan they discovered a tumour on my right lung and liver, both also 2 cm in size. On Sunday, 6 November the neurosurgeon met with my family to inform that the lung tumour is in advance stage and had spread to the brain and liver. Through God’s amazing orchestration, a surgery slot for the surgeon to remove the brain tumour became available earlier, on Tuesday, 8 November. At the discussion with the surgeon, I was amazingly calm that the surgeon was concerned for me. I felt calm and was at peace, but my family was shocked and shaken by the news. Before the operation on Tuesday, God must have prompted the anaesthetist to call my sister to assure her all was well and that I was fit and ready for my operation. This assurance brought much comfort to the family.
On Saturday, 12 November I was discharged from the hospital. With everything happening so quickly and without any hindrances followed by the successful operation, I was not anxious at all but full of praise and thanksgiving to God. Also, I had a wonderful team of doctors who brought much joy and cheer to me each time they checked on me. From the moment I stepped into the A&E until the day I was discharged, I could see the favour and love of God at work. Even when I was in the different wards, the nurses and cleaners were all so helpful. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to encourage and shine His love to the two patients beside me. Praise God, He enabled me to converse with them in Mandarin and Malay!
A week after my discharge I was re-admitted into TTSH for four days because I was throwing up and had a fever. As a result of my second hospitalisation, the targeted therapy which I was supposed to commence on Monday now had to be delayed by two days. I thank God for this delay because I was feeling weak and am sure that my body would not have been able to tolerate the targeted drug. God knows best and during the four-day stay my body was strengthened and I managed to put on 2 kgs from eating hospital food! Praise God for a targeted drug which, according to the oncologist, is suitable for my condition. It has been one week since I started on this targeted treatment, and I am feeling well. Thank you, Jesus! My surgeon will be reviewing my operation wound on 5 December and I will be seeing my oncologist on 15 December to assess how my body is responding to the treatment.
My family and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to God and to each and every one of you for your love, concern and prayers for us. I apologise that I was not able to respond to your messages, receive your calls or welcome your visit and hope you understand that after such a major operation, I need to rest to be able to recuperate well so as to be in good form for the treatment. When the oncologist is happy with my progress, you will see me back at St Hildas.
With much love and appreciation,
Let us pray for Ps Allison
We praise God for His faithfulness and mercy. We thank God that He has never left Allison or forsaken her. He was walking and continues to walk with her every step of the way. And so we will put our trust in our Abba Father and pray:

  • For Allison’s body to be able to continue to tolerate the drug with minimal or no adverse reactions or side effects;
  • that the drug will be effective in shrinking and even eradicating the tumours in her body;
  • for Allison to be able to eat well, have good rest and sleep each day, and for a strong immunity that will protect her from any virus or bacterial infection;
  • that Allison will grow from strength to strength in the Lord as she dwells in the shelter of the most High and rests in the shadow of the Almighty;
  • that Allison and her family will continue to encounter God’s presence in their lives as they experience His love and His Shalom during this time”

Testimony by Revd Canon Scott Gunn

17 September 2022

Thank you, Pastors Martin and Calvin for the opportunity to say thanks to all of you. Sometimes maybe this happens to you when I’m reading the Bible a verse really stands out and speaks to me strongly. This happened just yesterday morning when I was praying morning prayer. And on the second day of the month, the first psalm that one prays is Psalm Nine. And the first verse of Psalm Nine is very simple. The psalmist writes I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with my whole heart. I will tell of all your marvellous works. And I want to do just that to praise God and to give thanks. You see, on July 20, all this talk in the sermon about life being taken away and whether or not we live and how long we live became very real because I arrived at Changi Airport intending to change planes and go on to Vietnam on holiday. And instead, I had quite a severe heart attack. I collapsed and when I collapsed, I hit my head and had some brain injury, was taken to the hospital and was in intensive care for a week. And in the hospital for another week.
I received very excellent medical care at Changi General. They took good care of me. But still it was grim. When Sherilyn, my spouse, first spoke to them, they told her they didn’t know if I would make it. It was quite severe. I was talking with a doctor back in the USA a few days ago. He’s not a Christian. I don’t even think he’s religious of any kind. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to say miraculous. But he also couldn’t explain why I had lived through this situation and why I was healing. And I believe that it is miraculous that for whatever reason God has spared me. It’s quite humbling to think this way. I don’t know why God would do this. If God chooses to spare my life for a year or two, you can ask me after some more prayer and reflection and maybe I’ll know then. So that’s what I want to say first is that I’m grateful to God for his preservation of my life. But that’s not all. Sherilyn and I are also very grateful to St. Hilde’s and to everyone here. In my work, I spend a lot of time traveling and visiting churches, mostly in the US.
but in some other countries as well. So I think a lot about the mission of the church, what is our work and how do we know when a church is doing God’s work? Jesus, the night before he died, gave his disciples some instructions. And in the 13th chapter of John we read Jesus saying to his disciples and to us, I give you a new commandment that you love one another just as I have loved you. Jesus says you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another. This church is showing Sherilyn and me and the whole world that you are disciples of Jesus Christ. Pastor Martin came and visited me in the hospital several times and brought Holy Communion. Me a stranger. Martin and Jo took Sherilyn in when I was still quite ill in the hospital and gave her some breaks and took care of her and introduced her to good coffee places and that sort of thing. They let her stay in the Bishop’s apartment and took us in even though we weren’t parishioners, just out of love they did that. But it’s not just the pastors. St. Hilda’s has offered us the Bishop’s apartment where we’re staying until the doctors say that it’s safe to travel home and we’re very grateful to have a home away from home. People from St. Hilda’s have brought us food to enjoy. This seems to be a theme, and we are grateful for that. But one moment stands out especially. I think it was last week, we were at the 1015 service and a couple came over to introduce themselves to us. They didn’t recognize us and they very pleasantly said, oh, you’re new, I don’t think we know you. And they introduced themselves and said hello and ask our names.
And when we said, well, it’s Scott and Sherilyn, they said, oh, we know who you are and why you’re here. We’ve been praying for you.
I hope that no one in St. Hilda’s ever takes that for granted, because, that means that you as a church, have been praying for us, total strangers out of love. That means everything. Prayer means everything.
And we’re more grateful than we can say. For your prayers and all the ways that you have shown that you’re disciples by taking us in and caring for us. We come from the USA, where we’re part of the Anglican Communion in the USA. We’re grateful to be part of this same Anglican family and to get to know our sisters and brothers in Christ. But Sherilyn and I especially, are most grateful to be loved by and to get to know disciples of Jesus Christ. You have strengthened and renewed us on her journey as followers of Jesus, and for that we are immeasurably grateful. Thank you for everything.
Thank you.

Hedy’s Spiritual Journey Through Cancer

7 November 2021
I am Hedy Vaithilingam. I attend the E1 service. I would like to share with you my journey with God. While everyone was grappling with COVID-19 in 2020, I was struggling with cancer. I was diagnosed with DLBCL( Diffused Large B-Cell Lymphoma), an aggressive lymph node cancer.
In October 2019 I felt a lump in my right tonsil. The ENT doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me. Then in March 2020 I started to feel the lump in my throat again. I had both tonsils removed for biopsy. It was then that the lymphoma was detected.
The news came as a shock to me, my family and all my friends. The initial diagnosis was that it was stage 1. Further tests on the bone marrow showed that the cancer was at stage 4. The treatment was for 6 sessions of chemotherapy together with 4 sessions of lumbar puncture which is an extraction of spinal fluid followed by an injection of chemo drug into my spine. There was risk involved and I had to sign a consent form for every treatment.
I kept praying this prayer: ‘Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge.’ Then as I was reading (Psalm 55:22) ‘Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you”. I was able to get a senior doctor to treat me. The bone marrow extraction can be a painful process. But by God’s grace it was not for me. I was also treated by nurse Chen. She was gentle in inserting the intravenous tube.
After my third chemo treatment, I was put through another round of tests. Just before my 4th treatment I received good news. The scan of my body and neck and my bone marrow tests did not show any lymphoma cells. Alleluia! It is a miracle! God has brought healing upon me.
A month after I completed the chemo treatments, I went through another pet scan. On the day of the results I was again anxious. I prayed – “O God, I believe that you have healed me. Half way through my treatment you have already removed the lymphoma cells from my bones and my body. I receive your healing, O God “. But deep inside me there was this anxiety.
At that moment, I was holding a booklet which I used to pray for strength. Two verses spoke to me: “If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22. The second was Christ’s statement, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1
God was speaking to me that morning telling me that I have little faith. Soon after that, I received the news! There was no lymphoma cells and that my cancer is in complete remission.
God is great! His faithfulness and mercy endure forever. I am here today a witness of His everlasting love, peace and healing power. All Glory, Honour and Praise be to God our Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.
I would like to thank Pastor Tak Meng and Pastor Martin for coming to my house to pray with me and to give me communion. It was Pastor Tak Meng who told me to surrender to God for his mercy and grace. Since then I have learnt to commit my way to the Lord and trust Him.
I would also like to thank all my friends, relatives, and church members for their prayers and encouragement that kept my spirits up throughout this dark period of my life.
To God be the Glory Amen!

The Lord Walks with Me
(In Waiting, I Meet the Lord Again)
By Judy Wee

10 March 2021
In March 2020, I was told that I needed Spinal Fusion Surgery and Osteotomy or eventually I would be bedridden.
My nerve compression was so bad, I had bouts of severe cramps in my shin every night.
The surgeon briefed me on the whole procedure. I was so fearful and in a daze. There was really nothing I could do to avoid this surgery.
All I could do was to surrender everything to God. I had to be still and know that He is God. I must let go and let God take over.
Throughout the waiting period before the operation because of Covid-19, I experienced a peace that was so surreal.
Of course there were days as the date drew nearer when I felt a little down and sad that I had to go through this 12-hour operation, bear the post-op’s excruciating pain, and that I would have to stay away from home for almost two months.
Negative emotions swept over me but they never lasted long because God was with me.
I was so calm when I was wheeled into the operating theatre in the wee hours of 19th August.
I remember asking God to walk before me, behind me, beside me and dwell inside me. I surrendered to God who is after all the Master Physician who will guide the surgeon and his team.
What I needed to do was spend 12 hours with God presiding over this workshop for an overhaul with metal rod and screws.
The BIG job went smoothly. I was in great pain and I was pumped with painkillers and antibiotics. I remained dizzy and dopey for seven days because of morphine.
I saw waves of colours and patterns and I thought that should be beautiful design for fabrics. I couldn’t walk because of my dizziness and nausea. Every time I tried to sit up, my blood pressure dropped.
I remember the physiotherapist pleading with me to walk with my eyes open but I could not because the whole room spinned when I did so. In the end, they made me exercise in bed to prevent thrombosis.
On the ninth day after the op, I was transferred to Saint Luke’s Hospital for rehab and recuperation.
My dizziness persisted but the physiotherapists at Saint Luke’s and I persevered. By the fourth week, I was able to walk independently with the walking frame in my room.
At last, some freedom for me!
My long wound was healing well but by the second week at SLH, three little openings appeared. The two smaller wounds healed a week later but the 1.5 cm would remain open and got infected.
I had to return to NUH for a second operation to clean and stitch up the wound. After that, I was put on intravenous and oral antibiotics.
The two types of hospital bacteria were very nasty so when I was discharged from hospital, I had to fix a PICC line in my arm for 24-hr antibiotic infusion for another two weeks.
I was beginning to feel like Job but I was reminded that God walked Job through his tunnel. It was a test of patience and a test of perseverance.
God in His way and in His time, walked me through that part of my Red Sea.
I returned home and was recovering well until 30th October when I started feeling pain at the back of my right torso. Whenever the pain got bad, it would radiate to my ribs on the right side of my chest.
I consulted my spine surgeon about this on 11th November. He thought that it could be caused by a fracture just above my “bionic” spine. He ordered a CT-scan for this.
My heart sank and all I could think of was that I dreaded going for another operation. But it was left to heal on its own.
On 20th November Prof. Tambyah, my Infectious Disease consultant, messaged me the good news that my blood test was back to normal with no recurrence of infection. God has answered my prayer yet again!
Spinal Fusion Surgery and Osteotomy come with a few adverse effects:

  • I won’t be able to bend my back again.
  • I will be very prone to fracture at the weak spot between my “bionic” spine and whatever is left of my normal spine.
  • I have to be extra careful with any kind of infection for the rest of my life because should any bacteria that infects my body reaches the screws and titanium rod, there will be no cure.

Reality really sank in. My life is really, really in God’s Hands. Each new day is a gift from Him.
Yes, the marathon goes on and I will have to soldier on but once again I am reminded that “when I am weak, then I am strong” ( 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 ) because the Lord, I know, will not abandon me but continue the rest of the way with me.
Throughout this arduous journey, God’s provision was endless.

  • He provided the best surgeon
  • the best infectious disease specialist
  • the kindest and efficient nurses and support staff
  • the single-bed room I desired at NUH and Saint Luke’s Hospital. I was told I had to wait for availability of single rooms because of COVID-19 but God granted my heart’s desire. There was no waiting at all.
  • tolerance to very strong antibiotics that I normally could not take without bad side effects.
  • the largest army of Prayer Warriors I ever had. From my nonagenarian friends to my former students. I was pleasantly surprised that I had so many supportive brothers and sisters from the family of God and I thank God for them, daily.

A few years ago I submitted my testimony. It didn’t have a title but the editor in charge of the St Hilda’s website kindly gave it one – “In Waiting I Meet Him”.
I think it was and still is a very appropriate title. I will entitle this testimony “In Waiting, I Meet the Lord Again”.
I still have a long way to go but I know that God was with me, is with me and will be with me always. Amen!

A parent’s anxiety and God’s peace.
By David Tow

For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words. Romans 8:26 ESV
As a young boy, my son Marcus Tow was often admitted to hospital due to lactose intolerance. When he was seven years old, one night he felt nauseous and started vomiting and as usual, both my wife, Lily and myself were extremely worried and anxious because the continuous vomiting will result in him being dehydrated and having to be admitted again as it had been for the past seven years. After both he and Lily had gone to bed, feeling helpless  and frustrated, I went to take a shower. While bathing, my spirit was strongly prompted to pray for him. I came out from the bathroom still wrapped with only a bath towel, knelt at his bedside and prayed. When I left his room, I was greatly surprised that it was past midnight as I recalled before entering his room, I glanced at the wall clock and it was approximately 10.45pm. I changed and went to bed with a sense of inner peace. For the first time, throughout the night, Marcus did not get up feeling sick. When Lily and I got up early the next morning, the first thing Lily did was to check on him and interestingly, I told her that Marcus will be alright. She asked me why I am so sure, and I told her what happened the night before. True to God’s faithfulness, he recovered!
The evening after, while we were having dinner together as a family, not knowing that I had prayed for him the night before, Marcus recollected to us that during the night he was sick, he dreamt he saw Jesus with outstretched arms. Amazingly, at seven years old, he was able to provide a clear, detailed description of Jesus as recorded in Revelation 1:13-16. When asked what happened next, he said he responded by stretching out his arms and was awaken. Both Lily and myself were dumbfounded! We knew he had a personal encounter with the risen Jesus and we were prompted to claim that healing had taken place. That special personal encounter changed his life! He became very committed to reading the  bible and he read the whole Bible four times during his primary school years.
God is true to His Words; the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words. What a faithful God we serve!
David Tow

In waiting I meet Him
By Judy Wee Hian Ai (E1)

I am a two-time cancer survivor. The first in 1995 and the second in2011. In December 2015, I had my third cancer scare.
When I went for my regular cancer check on 1 Dec.2015, my CT Scan was clear but my blood test didn’t do too well. Cancer markers, CA 15.3 and CA 19.9 were abnormal. They signalled that I may have cancer again. My oncologist needed to monitor my condition closely so he wanted me to take another blood test in February 2016 and do a PET Scan in May 2016.
I frequently have trouble with my stomach and colon so during the same week, I went through gastroscopy and colonoscopy to see if there were any tumours in my stomach or colon. Praise the Lord there were none !
In January, my gastroenterologist decided to do an early blood test for me. This time, the cancer markers were back to normal. We were so relieved and I thanked God for that.
However, in February 2016, when I did another blood test with my oncologist, the cancer markers went up again. I was disappointed and very uneasy because of the differing readings so I was determined to do the PET Scan as it should be more conclusive.
I was told to wait till May for the PET Scan as too much radiation would not be good for me. How I got through those five months, only God knows. By His grace, I received His peace throughout the five months. There were times when negative thoughts creeped into my mind and threatened to derail the peace that He gave me but each time, God would help me to bounce back.
I went for my PET Scan on 16 May 2016. I remember praying that God would allow the PET Scan to declare me cancer-free and that the cancer markers would be back to normal.
The blood test was taken and the PET Scan was done. God is faithful. The PET Scan of my whole body was clear. There is no cancer ! Praise the Lord for His love, mercy and faithfulness ! However, my blood test showed that my cancer markers are still not normal but according to the oncologist, they are plateauing. I will do another blood test in November 2016. Until then, I shall trust the Lord to cleanse me of all cancer cells in my body. I believe He knows what is best for me.
What do I say about this alarming experience ? I attribute all glory and honour to God who allowed me to survive cancer all these years. In giving me such an experience, He touched me, changed me and brought me closer in my walk with Him. He also gave me the privilege of ministering to cancer sufferers in church and outside church. When I first faced cancer, I asked God for its purpose and this is what I received, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.”
( 2 Cor 1 : 3 – 5 )
God also provided me with many prayer warriors who prayed unceasingly for my healing. Prayer warriors who were with me from the beginning and prayer warriors now. God knows that I need them. They will always be my strongest pillar of support. I am forever grateful to God for His provision and I am forever grateful to my prayer warriors.
I believe that to God, nothing is impossible. When God chooses to heal, He heals but at the end of the day, I also believe that my life is in His hands. Everything will be according to His Will.

God is our refuge and strength
By Eileen Herslet

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
– Psalm 46:1
God Is Our Fortress
Testimony by Eileen Herslet. E2. 2016
I believe when I first stepped into St. Hilda’s Church, it was no mere coincidence.
From my children and my baptism to my daughter’s birth, God truly made His presence felt in my life.
I praise His name in orchestrating the period when I was 6.5 months pregnant and suffered Placenta Accreta.
I was bleeding profusely almost every weekend. During the 2nd episode, I was sent to a General Hospital instead of a hospital suggested by a last-minute gynae I consulted. It was a mistake that saved my life.
This is because I had not known that the only hospital which was fully equipped for my high-risk condition was General Hospital.
I was transferred to different state hospitals at the right time during my 1.5 months stay which saved my baby’s life. The doctors in the other states were more concerned with the foetus and mother’s life but this meant that I had to be an hour’s drive away from my family.
It was emotionally exhausting being alone in a foreign place but I continued reading His word. The Kedah General Hospital finally sent me back to Penang after my condition improved and when I started to bleed again the final time, God gave me the most experienced medical team in Penang.
I feared for my baby’s life. When I thought all hope was gone, He gave life to my pre- term daughter and she’s now a bouncy happy little girl. God’s mighty plans were so great that He even reduced the hospital cost so that we could afford it.
All the time I did not understand His plans for me until I wholly surrendered all that I had to Him.
I am truly blessed by God and His people, the body of Christ from Penang, Kedah and Singapore who consistently prayed for me.
He also spoke through various sisters in Christ so that I may be encouraged by His words.
I am truly grateful to Him for giving me a home and a family with St. Hilda’s.
We will always face continuous challenges in this life but always have faith that God hears us in our prayers and He will make all things beautiful in His time.

By Alethea Lee

Hello, my name is Alethea. I would like to share with you my experience on my first mission trip last November to Cambodia.
Before the trip, I heard that Cambodia was very dusty and had lots of insects. I felt nervous as I am afraid of bugs, yet excited to go because I heard so much about the church there!
During the trip we went to two villages. In the villages, we performed a skit, played games with the children, and shared with them how we experienced God and how He has helped us in the challenges we face in our lives. Even though we did not speak the same language, we could express our love to them by performing, sharing and playing with them.
One of my highlights for the trip is playing Captain’s Ball. I enjoyed playing Captain’s Ball with the children. They were so good even without shoes on!
Something that touched me the most during the trip was to see a big group of children waiting eagerly for us to arrive when we were nearing the village. They were so happy and eager to learn more about God!
I felt happy that we could share God’s love with the people in Cambodia. I had lots of fun there too!
However, there are some things that I dislike about the trip. For example, sleeping with insects and bathing in toilets filled with insects. But that also made me realize how fortunate we are in Singapore.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me, and I will definitely go there again!
– A Testimony by Alethea Lee. Aged 11. Kids For Christ. January 2016

Come To Me!
By Jamie Gan. E2. 2015

I worshipped other gods for 21 years. I always went to a Kota Tinggi temple twice a month for prayers and helped out in the temple. But during the last three years, things changed drastically.
I lost my family, my job, my house, my car…..basically everything.
I was out of job for almost a year. I sent out almost a hundred job applications but none came back to me.
I asked my gods then for help. I prayed and prayed and prayed for as long as I remained unemployed but it didn’t help.
I began to feel devastated, left alone, and helpless. Every day I cried. I almost went into depression.
Fortunately at that time I had my girlfriend by my side going through every situation with me together. THANK YOU LINDA. And I would also like to thank her mum and dad for taking me in, providing me a shelter.
On the 7th of July this year, a Tuesday, two Christians from a church in Toa Payoh came knocking on our door and asked if I have heard about Jesus Christ. I replied, “Yes, though I am of another religion, I am very open and do not mind listening”. So they went on and talked to me about Jesus; but I did not understand a thing.
After they left I thought to myself: Should I jump over and become a Christian or should I remain unconverted? I spent the whole night thinking but I had no answer.
The following day, I visited their Facebook and left a long message telling them about my problems. They replied and said they would get someone who lived near me to get in touch with me. But no one did; not even until today.
I was feeling anxious and I could not wait. So I downloaded the Holy Bible app into my mobile phone. Of course, I did not know where to start so I just any how flipped and saw this verse:
James 4:8 “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”
I was like DID SOMEONE JUST TALK TO ME? Yes, I was double-minded. I was thinking: Should I convert to Christianity or stay as I am?
I continued to flip the Bible and came to this verse:
Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” I was touched again by God’s Word.
And for the third time His Word touched me when I read Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
At that very moment I gave myself to God! I left everything to Him. He would decide how my life should be. He would be my guide and never let me go astray. Amen!
The very same evening I called Bob Tan. I told him about my problems and he offered to bring me to St. Hilda’s Church the following Sunday.
It was my very first time stepping into a church for service.
I remember vividly that Sunday when we started singing. I cried from the very first song until the very last song. I felt like I was touched. I felt like someone was holding my hands, consoling me and listening to me inside my heart. I could not control my tears from flowing out.
From then on I started to pray every day. Pray that I would quickly get a job.
Two weeks after I attended church, I met a friend by chance while going to meet my Cell Group. After knowing about my situation he offered me a job. MY FRIEND OFFERED ME A JOB. GOD HAD ANSWERED MY PRAYERS! HALLELUJAH!
Although I have a job now, my problems have not been fully resolved yet. But at least I have found peace in GOD. I do not need to feel frustrated and depressed any more.
In Matthew 6:33 it says: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
I thank GOD for giving me hope. In Jesus name………AMEN!
– A Christmas Testimony by Jamie Gan. E2. Dec 2015

by Mitchell Elias

Church and college have been amazing. I cannot say enough and yet have no words.
Three personal lessons I’ve learnt during this time:
About love: I am loved. Well, I already knew that. But the amount of love, care, support and encouragement from home has been beyond amazing. And in college, the people I am doing life with – we are learning together to “breathe” love.
About solitude: How to spend quiet moments by myself and with God; to not always gravitate towards crowds and activities because for me, they tend to distract and dilute my focus. Instead, to experience bliss in taking the time to just “be”.
About loss: Loss of loved ones, loss of creature comforts, loss of familiarity. This is a completely new environment, so everything is uncomfortable. But uncomfortably good – allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and into uncharted territory. Coping with loss yet learning, realising and knowing how to thrive.
The biggest pain I’ve had to work through so far is not having the one I chose to do life with around to share this new season and these new experiences. But I am thankful I have the Lord as my companion in this walk of faith.
“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.” Isaiah 43:2.
– A Testimony by Mitchell Elias, who is in Sydney. 2015

By Michelle Elias

One of our lectures today was on the topic of stewardship and finances. As I listened to Mel Huddleston talk about how we can be good stewards of what God has placed in our hands, I was so thankful that I’ve been blessed abundantly and am now in a position where I can readily bless others around me.
However I was also reminded of a time when I went through a period of great uncertainty with regards to finances. This was when Nic was going through chemo and hospital bills amounted to $20,000 every two weeks. And this cycle went on for close to two years. Even though we had medical coverage, we still had to come up with the money first and we wouldn’t get it back until six to eight weeks later.
So at any one time, we would need about $60,000 to $80,000 to roll, on top of other day to day expenses, household bills and family commitments.
It was A LOT of money; money that we didn’t fully have then. I remember planning how I would stack credit cards just to make the hospital payments and wondering if my credit limit would hold. Frantically paying off credit card debt as soon as reimbursements came in so that I would be able to pay another hospital bill the very next day.
The most vivid memory I had was the very last time we were in the hospital just before Nic passed away. He had been in for close to two weeks and was just about to be discharged.
The cumulative hospital bill for that day itself was close to $60,000 and I didn’t have enough because at that time we were already “rolling” another $60,000 worth of hospital bills.
It seems like a very bleak picture I’ve painted but that entire experience truly allowed God’s goodness, faithfulness and provision to shine through. At every single point of need, He met us there.
At the very beginning, when the bills started rolling in – we were blessed with a lump sum figure that would subsequently be used to tide us through the many cycles of chemo. Throughout treatment, reimbursements came unbelievably fast such that we were able to continue the treatment and payment cycles.
At the very last hospital stay, we had a friend immediately write us a cheque for $50,000.
All throughout, God showed up for us, not just financially but physically, spiritually and emotionally as well (but those are testimonies for another day).
I just feel led to share this testimony that it may touch anyone who might need some encouragement in this area. For me, my season here at Hillsong is probably quite different from that of most of my classmates. I know God has called me to be here to deal with specific areas and issues in my life. Areas that require a complete and total “walk on water” faith, issues that require me to be fully surrendered to Him. And through it all, earnestly seeking after Him, drawing closer to Him and discovering myself in Him.
– A Testimony by Michelle Elias, currently enrolled in Hillsong College

A Crown of Life
By Valerie Ong

Saturday morning at St Hilda’s Primary School, in the Surrender room, when my eyes were closed in prayer, I saw an incomplete, not a good looking jar, rough and coarse on the outside. Nothing to look at.
Then I heard The Lord say: “Man look at the outward appearances, but I look at the heart. Do not look to man for acclamation. It is not important how man look at you. Their comments are not important. My approval is your reward. Many things you have done do not seem significant to men. No one praised you or gave you a pat on the back. Like the jar, men turn their eyes away from you but I look at your heart. I am the rewarder of your faith. The jar you saw is unfinished, I am not done with it yet.”
I felt like I was one part of the jar and the jar in the vision was not the whole me. Then I understood that it also represented the church.
While still pondering this vision in my heart, the next day, on Sunday, during alter call, I was overwhelmed by the humility of our members going up to surrender their all to God. The vision I had on Saturday, resonated in my heart again. I felt that the vision was linked to the response of the church members during alter call on Sunday.
Next, the Word came: Do not fear any of those things that you are about to suffer. Indeed the devil is about to throw some of you into trials that you may be tested. Be faithful until death, and I will give you a crown of life.
I looked up the Bible, and I found it in Rev 2: 10. I also read 1Peter 1:6-7: In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that the tested genuineness of your faith — more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire– may be found to result in praise and glory and honour at the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May the above testimony encourage you and the Body of Christ.
– A Testimony by Valerie Ong, E2. July 2015

I Thank God for His Healing and Support
By Andrew Lee

Lately it has been a trying time for me and my family because of my poor health.
It resulted in me being admitted to hospital four times within a span of three weeks.
It started with chest pains and fever due to a lung infection. This led to other health-related issues.
But the Lord sustained us through these times with the prayers of St Hilda’s “Church Family”.
After my fourth discharge from the hospital, I was still having fever and chest pains. But God in His time sent Ps David to minister to me.
After his visit my fever subsided within two days and the chest pains also decreased after another two days. Soon I was completely off medication.
A subsequent review by my doctor showed that the lung infection had almost cleared up.
I thank God for His healing and the support and encouragement of the Church Family in Christ.
Praise the Lord
– A Testimony by Andrew Lee. E1, July 2015

St Hilda’s School was a Blessing
Jenny Chak

We were blessed in St Hilda’s School because of the missionary teachers all the way from the UK who were dedicated to their job.
– A Testimony by Jenny Chak, who became a Christian when she was a teenager. She got to know God through the school and after a few years, she dedicated her life to the Lord. E2. 2015

Here Am I
Colin Chee, E1. 2015

Calling For Ministry Volunteers
Last Sunday after E2 service, I asked Mickel Tan if he could please come out of our reserves to cover Ivan Cai who has been really busy as a new father. We were standing among the cars in the courtyard.
I said to Mickel, “Just let me know when you are on RC duty and I will cover you or get someone else to if I am not free.”
Mickel replied with a mischievous smile, “No problem. Isaiah 6:8.”
The verse did not strike a chord so I turned around and asked our People’s Warden Mun Seng, my dear brother with the phenomenal memory. Mun said enigmatically, “Here am I.”
In NIV, Isaiah 6:8 reads: “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom
shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Strangely enough, less than half an hour earlier, I had another similar encounter.
While I was directing traffic at the main gate, a young man came up to me after parking his Volvo SUV and said, “Colin, I’d like to help in the ministry.” It was Colin Choo, Cynthia’s brother.
“Here am I.”
Thank you Lord for these volunteers and witnesses of Your goodness! Thank you Mickel and Colin Choo.
We had been quietly limping along for the past few months with three blank spaces in the E2 roster. Thankfully, Loh Chee Boon joined just over a month ago to fill one of them. We were then just beginning to feel the burden of the empty slots, even with our wonderful marshalls and reserves helping out. But yesterday, Mickel and Colin Choo completed the roster. The Lord answered our prayers.
However, we can still do with more Marshalls. More of the “Here am I” spirit.
If we can double the number of Marshalls we already have, our duty intervals will move from the current 4 to 5-weeks to a more ideal 8 to 9-weeks.
We shan’t be greedy. We shall let the Lord lead and we shall wait on Him.
How wonderful it would be if this “Here am I” spirit permeates the whole church!
I have a sense that it will touch more hearts not just for our ministry but for others as well. Such as FISH, Breakfast and Flower Arrangement which are also in need of more volunteers.
“Here am I. Send me.”
A Testimony by Colin Chee, E1. 2015

Does God Have Favourites?
Chan Sam Neo. E1. 2015

Huddled, in bed.
What bliss!
In the distance, the twinkling of city lights;
Their gentle reflection on water
Brightly beckoning the unsuspecting eye.
It is midnight, but cars zoom busily by.
My God is so great, so loving,
So kind, so generous.
He who knows my every need, want,
And every secret desire,
Surprises and stills my heart
With His most generous gifts!
Long before I even realize I had dreams
He already knew what was on my heart,
He knew what would be good for me,
Grand for me, delightful to me…
Oh the boundless love of God,
Revealed so personally,
Delivered so delightfully,
Expressed so lovingly!
How do I thank You
My God and Heavenly Father!
A Testimony by Chan Sam Neo, E1. 2015
Giving thanks to the Lord for the lovely apartment that she
moved into in Costa Rhu.

His Mysterious Fashion, His Wonders to Perform
By Leslie Peters. 2015

We set out after blessings for a safe journey and prayers for the Lord’s protection upon us all.
During the trip from Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng Village, seated behind me in the van owned by One2One was Dr.Nin.
Out of curiosity I asked her how many believers were on this mission. She looked around at the nine medically trained members of One2One medical team and replied, “Nobody. Only me.”
I did not expect this revelation. All along I thought this was a medical team of believers.
From then on, I sensed the Lord would begin to pour out His love.
We arrived at the Svay Rieng after three and half hours of being jolted on a rough road, relieved by some smooth stretches. I thought I had a well-planned programme for the next few days. The Lord changed all that.
I soon discovered that Dr. Anne Green-Chen (leader of the One2One team) had to leave by Thursday, 12th March, at 4pm. It was the very day we had planned to have our time of celebration, praise and worship.
In order for her to be present, I swapped the celebration item with Mona’s bible study “Why Study the Bible”.
On reflection, this was no coincidence. It was God working in His mysterious fashion, His wonders to perform.
So began our Wednesday evening of celebration, worship and praise with an item each from St. Hilda’s, One2One, and CCOR.
The message was delivered by Pastor Chan Py, the pastor in-charge of CCOR (Church of Christ Our Redeemer in Svay Rieng Village).
He shared on John Gospel Chapter 1:3-5 –
“All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
After his message, Dr. Anne whispered to me, “They are ready.”
The alter call followed Pastor Chan Py’s message. Seven of the nine members from the medical team came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Pastor Chan Py prayed the Sinners Prayer with all seven new believers!
It was a moment of great rejoicing. Furthermore, the beaming smiles on their faces when they each received a gift of a Khmer bible from Pastor Chan Py said everything that needed to be said.
All these fell neatly into place when they came the next day for morning devotion and in the evening for bible study with their spanking new bibles. They were eager to begin their journey to study the word of God.
Mona led the evening’s bible study.
Altogether, our medical mission from 8 to 14 March 2015 treated 478 patients from 16 villagers. They came to receive medical treatment for the first time from St Hilda’s church. Besides the medical team were four St Hilda’s members including myself, Susan (Peters), Julia Bay, Judy Wong and Mona Lim. We provided pastoral, clinical and logistical support.
Pray with us even as Dr. Nin follows up with our new believers as continue to grow in the Lord. Please pray for them to grow in the Lord. May God grant them boldness to share and witness to those around them.
Here are some extracts from FaceBook in which Susan has been communicating with them post this medical mission:
” I have little free time, but I still try to find time to read the bible. I always pray to Him. Thank God so much to make the opportunity for me and you”.
– Sotherath
“Yes I read it .It the good one”.
– Sokcheng, when asked if she reads the bible.
“Best memorable mission trip ever love these people so much they brought joy to me and the whole trip”.
– Dr. SreyninHuon
” It is great that God let me know you and your team. I hope one day can chance to meet all of you again”.
– Sopheak Chek
Praise the Lord!
A Testimony by Leslie Peters. E1. 2015

That was the first time I received the touch of Christ.
By Mona Lim. E2, 2015

“I was 15 years old. There was a foreign speaker during a sermon and I was in the school hall. All I knew was that tears started to flow. That was the first time I received the touch of Christ.”


– A Testimony by Mona Lim. E2, 2015


Mona Lim has been with the Church for 48 years. A former St Hilda’s schoolgirl, she remembers the time when she accepted Christ.

St Hilda’s has aided my growth in faith through its support
By David Soh.2015

“St Hilda’s has aided my growth in faith through its support. When I look back, all I know is that God was always there guiding the way.”


– PCC member David Soh has been with St Hilda’s for 41 years. His father brought him to the Church, which makes his children third-generation Christians in
St Hilda’s.


– A Testimony by David Soh.2015

I First Got To Know God In School
By Angeline Loh, February 2015

“It was during Religious Emphases Week. I was in Primary Two then and this speaker came and talked about Jesus and Prayer. I distinctly remembered that she said ‘if you pray, Jesus will heal you’. I wanted to be first in class. The speaker mentioned that we had to pray very hard and I didn’t know what that meant, so I prayed ‘very hard’ every night that I would be first in class. True enough, I became first! That’s how I first got to know God.”
“But it was only in secondary school at St. Hilda’s that I understood how to give my life to Christ then. You can call it a rededication, but in terms of understanding, it gradually grew and I invited Christ into my life again.”
– A Testimony by Angeline Loh. E2, 2015

Blessed With Friends
By Patricia Loh. E2, 2015

“After my husband was baptized we were very active in church. It became a home for me and my husband, Lawrence. Becoming involved in ministry, you are also blessed with friends. In the 1990’s, Lawrence and I would go for missions. I was involved in the children’s ministry during missions and that inspired me to be in the children’s ministry in St Hilda’s Church. I taught in Kids for Christ for more than 20 years.”
– A Testimony by Patricia Loh. E2, 2015
Patricia Loh followed her parents who worshipped at St Hilda’s Church. She was confirmed in St Hilda’s in 1966, when she was 12 years old, but attended St Andrew’s Cathedral. She returned to St Hilda’s when her first child, Amanda, was born. Her husband, two children and sister Daisy’s family are all baptised in St Hilda’s in 1985.

The Love of God
By Chan Sam Neo, January 2015

Does God have favourites?
Huddled, in bed.
What bliss!
In the distance, the twinkling of city lights –
Their gentle reflection on water
Brightly beckoning the unsuspecting eye.
It’s midnight, but cars zoom busily by.


My God is so great, so loving,
So kind, so generous.
He who knows my every need, want,
And every secret desire,
Surprises and stills my heart
With His most generous gifts!


Long before I even realize I had dreams
He already knew what was on my heart,
He knew what would be good for me,
Grand for me, delightful to me…


Oh the boundless love of God,
Revealed so personally,
Delivered so delightfully,
Expressed so lovingly!
How do I thank You
My God and Heavenly Father!

Called Home to St Hilda’s
By Michelle Elias – 31 December 2014 (New Year’s Eve Service)

I am a daughter of St. Hilda’s.


St. Hilda’s has always been my home.


I was not born into a Christian family. My mother was a “Katong kid” and she attended school at St. Hilda’s. When I was a child, I attended St. Hilda’s Kindergarten, and later on the Primary and Secondary Schools. And so in school, I sang all the Christian songs, learnt the Lord’s Prayer and attended morning devotion. But I also went to the Buddhist temple, offered incense and tossed the “jiaobei” (wooden divination blocks).


It was not until Primary 4 (when I was about 10 years old) that a teacher in school told us about a conference that was taking place at the old National Stadium. She was referring to the Fire Conference by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. It was there that my family became born-again Christians, and then that we started attending St. Hilda’s Church.


St. Hilda’s Church was where I grew up, and where my closest friendships were forged. As a youth, I had a relationship with God and was very active in ministry but as I grew older, I was distracted and started drifting. Eventually, I got married and moved away altogether. This was about 10 years ago. But my story is not unique. I can pretty much take the last four sentences and apply it to many of my friends. The same ones I grew up with in church.


Anyway, let us “fast-forward” a few years to April 2013. I had been married almost eight years when my husband, Nic, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.


We were devastated and could only turn to God. Although our names were still in the St. Hilda’s Church membership roll, Wesley Methodist Church was our then defacto parish as Nic’s family were members of the church, and it was close to home in Tiong Bahru.


The first six months post-diagnosis was an intense time of seeking, reaching for and drawing close to God. Eventually, there came a point in time where I felt called to pursue my ministry in music once again. To do so, I would have to be an actual member of Wesley and of the Methodist Church. I had always resisted, telling myself that it was okay. I could just attend the church. It did not matter where my name is. But, secretly, I knew that my heart was always in Katong, at St. Hilda’s.


But we soon realised the importance of proper spiritual covering from the church and the body of Christ. So, eventually, some time in September or October 2013, the decision was made to switch our membership over to Wesley. We would have to attend the membership class, and so we registered and paid for it. I also reached out to the music ministry and arranged to join the team, starting by attending the band jamming sessions.


That same week, on the St. Hilda’s side, I arranged to meet my long-time leader and mentor, Calvin, to “break the news” to him. Unknown to me at that time (Calvin told me about it after the fact), God was speaking to Calvin and said to him that I would come home to St. Hilda’s. So imagine his surprise or confusion when I told him the complete opposite. He thought perhaps he was a little off his game.


Hah… But it is amazing how God works. I had always only attended Wesley so that I would be in a church together with Nic and his family. But that very night, it was Nic who raised the topic of visiting St. Hilda’s. He said that because that spiritual covering is so important, we must make sure we’re making the right decision, and we have to visit St. Hilda’s. So on Sunday (right after I told Calvin I was going to “officially” switch churches), we turned up at St. Hilda’s.


From then on, it was just a matter of time.


The love, support, prayer and true spiritual covering we felt from the moment we stepped foot onto the church grounds was immense and immeasurable. So many people reached out to us, one aunty had a word for us, another uncle came with prayer and encouragement… And the numerous hugs and friendly smiles… We could have been blind, deaf and dumb yet still see what God was saying through the church about where He wanted us to be.


Nonetheless, we did not want to “jump the gun” or be swayed by emotion but by January 2014, we were back “full-time” at St. Hilda’s and I started service in the E3 music ministry.


Over time, Nic was unable to make the trip to church with me. But the love and support did not stop. In fact, it grew stronger with each day, right up to his passing in November this year. The past twenty months have not been easy, but God used the situation to bring me back to where he wants me to be. He brought me home to St. Hilda’s, and drew me close to Him. He used the church and the body to meet my needs and gave me this family to journey through the difficult times, then and now.


I believe God is calling us all home (this includes all of the friends I grew up with in church), just like He called me and brought me home. He wants to meet you at your every point of need; He can, and He will, if you will just allow Him to. I hope my testimony has given you a glimpse of how it can be for you too.

Knowing Christ
By Jimmy Ng – 24 December 2014 (Christmas Eve Service)

I had spent 65 years believing in a different God. But since June this year, I accepted Jesus Christ as the one and only God. I thought I was considered very advanced in age to do so. However, someone once told me that her father accepted Christ at the age of 90 years old. So, I’m not so late after all!


Three years ago, I was invited by my son to attend St Hilda’s church camp in Kuala Lumpur. By the last night there, it dawned upon me that this was not just a church function or social gathering. Even as a Buddhist at that time, I was warmly welcomed and accepted. I quickly recognized the unity amongst the followers of this God, and how passionate they were as they worshipped together, and shared the Gospel with me.


It took me another two years of attending church camps, and the calling of the Holy Spirit, to accept the undeniable truth in Christ as my Savior and the creator of this world.


I quote 2 Corinthians 5:17: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”


Indeed, since then, my life is experiencing a period of renewal. A good source of proof would come from the ones closest to me. They would testify, in their own words, that I grumble and nag less often, that I am less ‘gan cheong’ and less self-righteous. It seems that God is molding me to be more accepting of others, rather than expecting a lot from them.


I’ve been asked, “How is this so? What makes you different?” I can only think of one word – humility. Because of God’s great love, I am forgiven for all my sins, so, I too should forgive freely. Because God accepted me, despite all my flaws, I too can accept other people’s weaknesses and differences.


With more trust in Christ in my daily life, I strive less in my own strength and worry less about endless things. Maybe that’s why they say I’m less ‘gan cheong’!


I want to know God better and experience this freedom in coming to Him. I know this relationship will last forever and I pray that many more people will come to experience this great joy I’ve received.

St Hilda’s has always been known as a family church
By Iris Chua

“St Hilda’s has always been known as a family church, so it feels like the church adopted me. I got to work with the students in St Hilda’s Secondary School back in the days during Religious Emphases Week. God put in my heart a vision to save these girls in a dream. Many students came to the Lord because of this. It was such a joy to work with them, that I was challenged to become a full time worker with the church for 12 years.”


Iris Chua, Vicar’s Warden, E1, has been with the Church for 35 years. She came to the Lord during the Billy Graham crusade in December 1978 and St. Hilda’s Church was asked to follow up with her for nurturing.


– A testimony by iris Chua. E1, 2014

We should be faithful to our Church
By Suzy Choo

“We should be faithful to our Church, to our religion. We must continue to come to church and not church hop. Be it that a sermon sounds boring or seems to be lecturing to you, it is the Word of God. Can you be a pastor to preach? You don’t worship the man behind the preacher’s stand; you come here to worship God.”


– A Testimony by Suzy Choo. Aged 79. E1, 2014


Suzy Choo was a student at St Hilda’s School in the 1940’s after the War. She brought her then-boyfriend, a non-believer, to the Church where he later received Christ. She hopes to see the youth of the Church grow up to serve the Lord in St Hilda’s.

I felt the Spirit during praise and worship.
By Pearl Wee

I felt the Spirit during praise and worship. But I resisted and did not respond to the altar call. The next week, I went up. It felt as if the Lord lifted me off my seat! Two weeks later, my husband accepted the Lord. We have been slain many times since and have grown deeply in the Lord.


– A testimony by Pearl Wee. E2, 2014


(Pearl and another Church member, Tina Kong, were given a vision for the Church to be a house of prayer for all missions. They are now part of the FISH prayer ministry. She adds, “We don’t pray enough. There is a poverty of prayers. Prayers move the Hand of God.”)

A Family Church
By Patrick Hu

St Hilda’s has always impacted me as a family church, It’s not a ‘rah-rah’ church but a sober, family oriented and steadfast church. It’s the people and the pastors leading that make the church. I was a church dropout then, but I am thankful that I was brought back to church because of the revival service.


– Patrick Hu has been attending the Church for 45 years. His mother, Pearline Hu, brought him to St Hilda’s, “which makes me a second generation worshipper here”.

God Healed Me
By Mary Foo

I used to only attend church on Easter and Christmas.But when I had my muscle problems, many church members came to minister and pray for me. I didn’t even know how they knew about my sickness. Even Revd Alex Pataan prayed with me. When he did, I felt God come alive in my heart. I felt like I was going to be healed and praise be to God, I was. There are so many testimonies I would like to share, but the most memorable is the encouragement and the love of the church members who helped me see St. Hilda’s as the church I wanted to be in always.”


– Mary Foo, in her mid-70s, joined the Church in 1969 during Vicar Lim Peng Soon’s time. She is grateful that the Church has helped her through many difficult times in her life.

My Testimony / 我的见证
By Zhang Li Wen Shi Mu / 张丽文师母 – July 2014



伤口复原,回去复诊,医生说我是第四期子宫癌,还须接受六次化疗. 10月9日开始第一支化疗,打完第十天,白血球下降开始发烧,急诊入院,住进隔离普通病房.夜里医生来了好几回,一直在我耳边说,你的白血球很低很低,几乎是零,如果感染,会有生命危险.当时我听了心中并不会害怕,只有祷告主说,主啊,一切在你手中,求主保守.我有主的同在.感谢主,十天后出院.这次我真的是虽行过死荫的幽谷,也不怕遭害,因为主与我同在.阿们.


过后第二次至第六次化疗都算平安, 神是我的帮助,我的依靠.我每天用诗篇16:8-9祷告.紧紧抓住神, 神让我能顺利完成六次的化疗.第三次化疗CTscan检查体内就已没癌细胞了,六次化疗后,血液CA125指数也降到正常水平,感谢神的医治.也感谢大家的爱心.


In July 2013, I found some body abnormality. A medical examination found that I had womb cancer. On 9 September, I underwent a major operation to have the whole ovary removed. During the operation, it was discovered that the cancer cells had spread to a portion of the intestines and liver membrane. So an emergency operation to remove the affected intestinal parts was performed.


A fast and prayer session was conducted in St Hilda’s Church. Members from the English, Mandarin and Hokkien congregations gathered to pray for me. Other brothers and sisters also prayed for me. On the day of the operation, I saw everyone’s concerted effo and love . Thank God, though there were some complications during the operation, God saw through it all and everything went off smoothly.


The wounds healed and I went back for consultation. The doctor said that I had stage 4 cancer and I had to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy. On 9 October, I started the first round. Ten days after that, my white corpuscles level fell and I started to have a fever. I was admitted to the A and E department and placed under intensive care. During the night, a doctor visited me a few times and told me that my white blood corpuscles level was extremely low. If I were infected, there would be danger to my life. When I heard that, I was not afraid but prayed to God , “Lord, everything is in Your hands. Please watch over me.” I had the Lord with me. Thank God, ten days later, I was discharged. This time, though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I feared no evil for the Lord was with me. Amen.


The 2nd to the 6th rounds went off quite smoothly. God is my help on whom I rely. Every day I used Psalm 16:8 to 9 to pray. I clung closely to God. He saw through my 6 rounds of chemotherapy successfully. During the 3rd round, the C T scan showed no more cancer cells in my body. After the 6th round, the blood index level CA125showed that it had fallen to a normal level. Thank God for the healing and also all of you for your love.

A Miracle from God
By Michael Leong – July 2014

I would like to share my testimony in how God helped me in my PSLE examinations.


I have both Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Sensory Integration Disorder. So you can guess how stressed and anxious my parents are during my exams.


Last year, I was particularly worried as I wanted to pass PSLE badly. As expected, I failed my prelims. My teachers were very concerned and they expressed their fears to my parents.


Leading to PSLE, my mum quit her job. She spent her time praying for me and coaching me. I also prayed.


I tried my best to study but most times I could not manage to be still in order to put in time for studying. But when the PSLE results were released I was very surprised that I passed all subjects!


I got 171 points compared to my prelims of slightly above a hundred! This result got me into the Normal Academic level. I call this a miracle from God. God answered our prayers.


I thanked Him with all my heart. Though my results may not be great, I am sure it would not be this good without God’s grace and provision. God answered my prayers. For this, I am very thankful.


God is great!

God’s Grace
By Mary John – July 2014

The doctors advised me to prepare for John’s funeral. Distraught, I went back to church to pray and read the Bible. A few members and staff in church saw me and prayed with me.


A while later, I went back to the hospital and found many church members, staff, St Hilda’s teachers and even Bishop Chiu Ban It waiting outside the ICU. I was very touched by their love, care and prayers.


Even the doctors and nurses told me that they had never seen any patient with so many visitors.


And by God’s Grace, John recovered that night.


Mary John, in her late 80s, is the wife of the late Verger, John Peter, and mother of worship leader Lily John-Tow. She remembers Christmas Eve in 1975, when he suffered a heart attack.

A Golden Bowl of Prayers
By Constance Ng – July 2014

Six months ago I discovered a lump about half a ping-pong ball size on the right side of my throat. I had no discomfort at all but I went on to consult an ENT specialist. I was told a cyst had formed around my thyroid gland.


An operation was scheduled on 23rd April. However, it had to be rescheduled because they needed to put me through a thread mill test as my ECG results gave cause for concern. Praise God I passed the test.


When the day of surgery came, with general anaesthesia, on 22nd May, a call for prayers was sent out to my cell group, the Cambodia team and others.


The Bible says a cheerful and joyful heart is good medicine. When I knew so many were praying for me, I was happy and glad.


I also had good medicine before going into the operating theatre. I prayed personalized scriptures that I had memorized as prayers.


Then it was over. When I woke up there was no pain – just a little discomfort in the throat. I could eat and go to the toilet holding on to the plastic bottle with a tube attached to my throat to drain out the blood and liquid. I slept well.


I think with all the prayers lifted up to the Lord, an angel must have collected them in an extra large golden bowl, presented it at the Altar, and when the answer was poured back – WOW!


The other patients on my left and right had no appetite and were feeling nauseous, and I had nothing of that!! Praise God.


If you ask me to describe this whole episode I would say I was pampered and blessed.


The day before my surgery I was treated to a sumptuous lunch. After surgery I ate and rested well for two nights in the hospital. On the third day after checking out I was taken for a car ride to Sembawang Park. There I had kampong chicken which I thought I would not be able to swallow, and topped it with a delicious dinner.


I got to stay with Susie in her house in a large airy room and she had her maid to look after me. I had the blessing of home-cooked meals for a week. Best of all, I attended Church on Sunday and was able to give thanks to God and to say thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ for their prayers.


I am fully recovered now. All Glory to God

Cell Group Families
By May Low – June 2014

When I started attending cell groups, they made a huge impact on me. We used to have them at my place. Now I attend the cell group at Bok Soon Lian’s home. We are called the ‘Marshallites’. Because of Bible Study I have come closer to the Lord. I have made friends that last, which is hard at this age as I am not working. So I look forward to the fortnightly sessions when we meet. I am very thankful for church members in ‘Marshallites’ who visited me and took care of me when I was admitted into hospital.


May Low, in her mid-80s, has been attending St. Hilda’s since before the War. She was brought to Church by Canon Adams, then the principal of St Andrew’s School. A long-time teacher at the Kindergarten, she shares her experience of fortnightly cell groups.

A Defining Moment – Cambodia
By Angie Ng

Last week, our brother David Chan reminded us in the story about Mary that our lives are marked by certain defining moments and how the choices we make determine the levels of our relationship with God.


Today, I thank God for the privilege of standing before you to share three personally defining moments. When I was much younger, my job as an Export Manager in a branded fashion company brought me to new places. As a young woman I was learning that a little charm could gain much.


One night, as I stood outside an expensive restaurant after an excessively luxurious dinner, I noticed a little girl, perhaps of not more than 4 years old. She was chasing and begging from people who were crossing a winding and dangerous road made worse by speeding cars. Not far away on a bench, a youngish man sat smoking with a woman beside him. The girl was running to and from them. I noticed that she had failed to collect anything. I took out some dollars and walked towards her. As I put the money into her little hands, those huge eyes met mine; there was something in them that haunted me until now. She ran back to the couple whom I had decided by that time, were her parents. They took the money and gave her a piece of plain bread. I saw those huge eyes brighten as she sat down by the road to savour her reward. This scene kept replaying in my mind as I walked back to my luxurious room and for the first time in more than 15 years, knelt before God and asked, “Why?”


You see, I had accepted Christ at the age of 12. There was no follow up and I had no relationship with God; a situation made worse when I joined the work force and saw the hypocrisy of many self-proclaimed Christians.


Unknown to me my sister Hannah was praying for my soul during that time. I continued to pray for an answer to my question “Why?” A few weeks afterwards, I had an eerie and uncomfortable spiritual encounter in Bangkok that challenged me to make a decision about my relationship with God and to then receive the Holy Spirit afresh.


Sometime in 2011, I left the mega-church that I had attended since 1997. I was praying for God to lead me to the right church. By chance one afternoon I walked past St. Hilda’s with Jonathan. We took a look at the fading sign board with its falling letters and concluded that it was a “dead” church and not the church for me. However, by God’s grace we were drawn to walk past it again a few weeks later.


The next day was a Sunday and in obedience to the Spirit’s prompting, we went in and found a warm, friendly and welcoming community. It was in this community that I experienced a deepening engagement with Scripture and saw the fruit of the Spirit in many of the brothers and sisters I had the privilege of getting to know.


My relationship with God was renewed in a fresh way and I hungered after a deeper relationship with Him. I engaged myself with Scripture and felt His Spirit working within me. Over the months that followed I attended bible courses both here and at the Cathedral and chewed on the teachings in commentaries written by people like William Barclay, JC Ryle, Henry Mathew, John Stott and Watchman Nee. Spiritually I grew inwardly like never before.


But it was not until this visit to Cambodia that I realised the inward transformation had taken place. Up until this time, I had avoided praying in public but now when asked, I felt able to say Grace before the food we shared as a team and to pray and lay hands on those who came forward. I experienced His Spirit working in me through the mysterious power of His word through these prayers.


When the team visited the villages, I saw again and again the same eyes that had haunted me in Shanghai as I distributed gifts to the children. Many times I experienced those brightening eyes of pure joy as they received our simple gifts. This led me to ask: “Is it not about time that we stood back and looked more closely at ourselves and our own lives?” Can we live side by side with such need and remain unmoved?


What else did I see in Cambodia? I saw the hands of God moving. I saw the labour put in by faithful brothers and sisters bearing fruit. I saw hunger not only for physical but also for spiritual food. I saw many open hearts. I saw land waiting to be ploughed and hectares and hectares of rice waiting to be harvested. I saw that the workers are few and the resources are inadequate.


But most of all, I saw the pleading eyes of Jesus that seemed to say, in the faces of those we met: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” I was deeply moved and prayed: “Lord, here I am, use me,” and saw the brightening eyes of Jesus in these same eyes.


These were the same eyes I first met in Shanghai which completely changed my life and saw again in Cambodia, eyes that speak of Jesus and of deep needs. They remain with me. Can we take some time to still our souls and engage with the life transforming Word of God and ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to guide this church in its response to the practical and spiritual needs which are opportunities to demonstrate the love of God in action?


Jesus says in 1 John 3:18:

“Dear children, let us love not with words or speech but with the actions and in truth.”
If the Spirit is stirring your heart, this is a defining moment in your journey. I hope I will be in Cambodia next year. I hope you will be too.

What a privilege, to be able to go forth in His name.
by Constance Ng

My first mission was to Indonesia. I attended an Indonesian mission meeting but after the meeting I decided not to go. I was not prepared as I did not know how to pray, especially in public. I have been asked: Who prepares you and I just point my finger upwards.


However, I went eventually and I did learn to pray aloud.


Mission is not just we go and bless and encourage others, etc. I am also encouraged. I become more conscious of my own style of living, and each member of the team is touched by the experience given to us as individuals by God.


This no money can buy. We will say: Wow God! You are awesome. Same country, same place but each mission is so different! Let me share some personal but important happenings.


Morning arrival in Indonesia and I was seated in the kijang (four-wheel drive). I closed my eyes to rest. I was in the shade, looking at bright sunshine and three kijangs on the mountain road. Then the first kijang I was in fell off the side. I was shocked and opened my eyes and asked God: what are you trying to tell me? I closed my eyes again and saw the same vision. But the third time when I closed my eyes, at the corner of my eyes I could see a white gloved hand reaching out and catching the kijang as it fell and putting it back on the road….I did not know but God knows probably that I was very fearful because we went up the mountains and down the valleys that day. When I looked out the window I could not see the road but the edge of the mountain; but I was at peace and not fearful.


On another mission I had doubts about what I could be doing as there was no children ministry. I had an old small round clock without batteries on my window seal. It had green paint but it was not florescent. I prayed and waited. One night I got up to go to the toilet and saw the clock lit up. The next time, I was not sure whether I was dreaming. Then another week later I got up and saw the clock lit up. I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, took the clock and stared at it….all the numbers and the tips of the short and long hands were lit up. I just cried and knelt down to give thanks that I had the answer to go on the mission.


During mission meetings, sometimes one would have a dream and say you’re my room-mate so we are both going. Another would dream, waiting at the bus stop, and this bus with all the members and the leader on board just say come on up….confirms that person joined us.


Matthew 28:18-20 : What is the Great Commission and why is it important to Christians today? As the last recorded personal directive of the Saviour to His disciples, it holds great significance to all followers of Christ. As many have said, it’s not “The Great Suggestion.” No, the Lord has commanded us to put our faith in action.


So, no, there is no need to wait for God to call again!


I made a choice as a discipline for myself to take leave, leave behind all my weights, my work, etc and go on 4-5 day missions and just focus on what God wants us to do. Mission to me is three words, focus, focus and focus on God – no shopping, no distractions, no worries – for Abba Father knows best.


What a privilege, to be able to go forth in His Name.

My First Mission
By Angela Lin

There had been a growing desire for me to get involved in missions, and the opportunity presented itself in 2010. However, I hesitated as I felt that I was “unfit”.


Last year, when the call came, I was very interested and voiced out my desire to my friend Tina, who not only encouraged me, but promptly said that she was also going, and on the spot signed me up.


The Lord has been very gracious to give me this opportunity to serve Him.


When I first laid eyes on this little church standing amidst padi fields after a long trip from Phnom Penh and into unmapped territory, the thought came to mind that God really works in amazing ways to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.


It was with growing wonder that I saw the local people already gathering and arriving in from all directions, with expectations on their faces as they welcomed us.


Without further ado, we organised ourselves and started the ministry.


In the afternoon, we embarked on a prayer walk around the village, and I got to observe the simple rural life of the countryside. We visited a few houses and prayed for the families. I shied away when first prompted to pray for one of the families, though.


However, on the second day, when the altar call came, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me forward. The numbers who turned up were in the hundreds. The harvest was ripe but the workers were few!


I started to pray for groups of women. It seemed the natural thing to do.


I realised that you don’t need any formula or special “style”. Just simple prayers, straight from the heart, and sincere. After hugging one lady, as she drew away, I saw tears in her eyes, and I was so moved by her faith. I was not praying in her language, but I think she understood that God was listening to her needs and ministering to her.


I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this mission trip and experience first-hand how God grows the church from little seedlings. When we take that leap of faith to reach out, God will ultimately do the rest.
To God be the honour, the glory and the power!

I am not Christian, but I feel accepted amongst you.
By Michelle Wong

It was thanksgiving night, the last day after three fruitful ones at The Saujana, Kuala Lumpur.


At sunset, all the church campers were enjoying sumptuous BBQ buffet banquet on well decorated seating by the poolside, overlooking a tranquil lake. Dusk fell and some moments after David Soh’s request for anyone to say a few words of thanks, my father-in-law, Jimmy, took the stage and said:
“I’m not Christian, but I feel accepted amongst you. Your warmth and friendship made me feel welcomed….I’m glad to be here to learn more about Jesus Christ.”


My husband and I gasped, glanced at each other, and simply smiled. In our hearts, we were giving God a high five. Surely it would take more than one glass of spirit (red wine to be exact) for a Buddhist man to make such a bold statement. Surely, it must have been the workings of the Holy Spirit!


It was already a marvel that my pre-believing parents and siblings-in-law had agreed to come at all, so we rejoiced when they attended all the sermon sessions by Pastor Pax with an open mind. We believe without a doubt that seeds had been planted in their hearts, just as we prayed for.


After all, as Apostle Paul said,
(1 Corinthians 3:6-9) I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase. 8 Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor.9 For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building.


Indeed, it was a wonderful testimony of the power of God’s love working through the sincere hearts and kind gestures of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, who extended their friendship readily to my in-laws.


The organizing committee, led by David Soh, labored tirelessly as ‘God’s fellow workers’ as well. Their genuine care for our well-being, meticulousness in planning every detail, and cheerfulness in dispensing such a role were inspiring, and certainly modelled the theme for the church camp itself: Loving God, touching hearts, and reaching the world.


Overall, we were well-fed physically and spiritually. Like the buffet line at every meal in The Saujana, the opportunity to learn about God’s great love, to worship Him and to enjoy the fellowship of my family and friends was abundant, making the whole experience priceless.


Above all, God’s grace was evident at every stage, and I’m so thankful.

Walk by faith. I will be with you.
By Selina Lim

I was very excited that I could go for last year’s “Cook-out” Christmas Outreach in Cambodia, but a little apprehensive as I did not know what was expected of me on the mission trip as it was also my first trip to Cambodia. After much praying and seeking God for an answer, I felt that He gave me the assurance, “Walk by faith. I will be with you.” So I went with His blessings.


The five days in Phnom Penh not only opened my eyes but also my heart. I experienced His presence very strongly. He is so real and He is an awesome God.


Every morning, the travel to Svay Prahoot Village was unforgettable. Our group had to travel 5 km on a very narrow, bumpy, and muddy road (if you can even call that a road). In the vehicle, I felt as if my bones were all being shaken. But we forgot all our discomfort as soon as we saw the green padi fields on both sides of our vehicles, which extended as far as our eyes could see. What lovely sights: green fields, blue sky, and the sun shining so brightly. Truly God’s creation is wonderful! I could sense God’s Spirit hovering, moving above the whole village. He is watchful and pouring down His blessings and grace upon this land. How great is His love for the people of Cambodia.


I also personally experienced God’s gracious love and provision. Before this mission trip, I had been suffering from bad knee and joint pains on my right leg for several months. I was on various medications and had been undergoing physiotherapy. I prayed and sought God, asking Him to sustain me as I served on this mission trip. God is good – not only did He sustain and uphold me, He took away the pain throughout the five days. I did not have to take a single painkiller or other pill. I was able to eat well, sleep well, and miraculously did not feel tired at all. Praise the Lord.


Visiting the villagers from house to house was physically challenging. We had to walk miles through padi fields on narrow muddy paths. One day, just before the last house we were visiting, my slipper on my right foot snapped. I was dismayed at the prospect of having to make my way back through the same path that we came – barefooted. But even before I could open my mouth, I found a worn-out slipper (in a men’s size) in the bushes just by the fence. Amazingly, it was a slipper for the right foot! So, donning two slippers of different sizes, I dragged myself back. It was better than having to walk bare-footed! I want to give God the glory – that He is Love, and He knows our needs even before we articulate them. He knew the problem I had in my right knee, and provided for me.


To share the love of Christ on this mission trip was a privilege. But to have experienced His love in such a personal encounter was an added unforgettable bonus. It gave me a personal testimony of our Father’s practical love for us in the tiniest of details. I thank our Heavenly Father for giving me such an opportunity and for using even me in Cambodia. Glory be to our God!

“Be strong. Therefore, and not let your hands be weak and slack, for your work shall be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7
By Peter David

Hello everyone, I’m Peter and I’m a volunteer for the recent 2011 Youth Mission Trip to Malacca. Before the trip, I felt that I had lost touch with God and this was one of the reasons I decided to go for it.


During my five days and four nights, we got to lead teams of children through a fun competition to help them get a better understanding of the story, Narnia.


Though it was tough getting them to work together to finish the activities, I was continuously reminded of the verse, 2 Chronicles 15:7 which reads: “Be strong. Therefore, and let not your hands be weak and slack, for your work shall be rewarded.”
We also faced other problems like no water supply, iguanas, not to mention that we almost lost each other when we split up on the day we went out to town.


But it was in times like these that we saw God’s grace working in our lives. I also learned to be more brave because I know that God is always with me. I just want to give thanks to God for helping me to change and giving me a nice life here in Singapore.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)
By Patricia Chew

Have you ever had a vision in your life? If you had, did you know what to do with it?
Well, this is exactly what happened to me two years ago in 2009. At that time, my mother, Mrs Beatrice Chew, was suspected of having a recurrence of breast cancer. When I heard about the news, I was very upset for my mother as she was in her 80s.
One sleepless night in October 2009, I sat up in bed. It was as if I received a night vision. A strange animal seemed to pop out of nowhere in an animated form and suddenly it was as if I saw a whole load of other animals coming to life as well. They seemed oblivious to my presence talking to one another, dancing and singing.


The myriad activities they were engaged in fascinated me endlessly. I was the silent spectator to this seemingly fictitious world known as Evergreen Forest.


The vision lasted throughout the night and into the early hours the next day. Strangely enough, when the alarm bell rang, I was surprised that although I had not slept at all, I was not sleepy.


I continued my normal activities that day without missing a beat. That night, I shared my experience with an intercessor. My friend Iris Purn, excitedly told me that she felt this vision came from God. She surprised me even further and asked me to consider writing a book!


And that was the beginning of my writing a children’s book called: “Tony Tapir and Friends.”
This book was virtually written whilst I was accompanying my mother going in and out of the hospital at that time. It occupied my mind when I was feeling bored waiting in the hospital, or feeling nervous and depressed at the number of sick people there.
After finishing writing the first draft of the book in three weeks, I felt that there were hidden messages which Jesus had given to me.


He revealed to me so wonderfully that Rex the Lion was Jesus Himself. In the opening chapter, He had invited all the animals of this forest to his birthday party. As Christians, we know that this event is Christmas. The venue was the Spice Garden. Jesus revealed that just as the allegory in the Song of Soloman where the King entreats the Shulamite woman , Jesus longs to have a relationship with us. SONG OF SOLOMAN 4 v 12-16


There were many other biblical threads running through this vision. Truly I was awed by God’s goodness in entrusting this project with me.


Iris Purn not only came alongside me, but Dorcas Lek, her former classmate from Tung Ling Bible School. They helped me to birth this vision. Then other intercessors from other churches, the U.K. and the U.S. also came alongside praying for this book to come forth.


During this very difficult period, my mother and I also experienced the love, concern and support of God from church members in very practical ways. Allison Chee, Mrs. Chee Keuk Fong, Mrs. Chua Ah Liang, and Iris Chua took turns to ferry mother and me to hospital or visit her whilst she was there. May Chee and also Mama Boon added their prayer missiles to “prop up our leaning side” as Mama Boon often prays.


When this ordeal was over and my mother was pronounced free of cancer, I continued with the final drafts of my book and looked for an artist and printer. This took a whole year and in December 2010, the book was finally launched just before Christmas.


I praise God that He gave me a vision. But most important of all, that He gave me friends that were able to also run with the vision HABAKKUK 2 v 2


The Lord has also blessed me by giving me great encouragement in hearing the rhema word of the pastors and also by Amy Ong in the Wednesday fellowship group. This has helped to grow my faith during the times of shaking.


However, the latest thing for me to give thanksgiving is for a beautiful birthday present the Lord gave me. This also coincided with the church’s 77th anniversary. A book review of “Tony Tapir and Friends,” by Sheryl Quek, a journalist with the Straits Times, in “Little Red Dot” – a children’s magazine- came out on the 15th November 2011. I do not take these things for granted, and really praise God for taking me this far in this journey.


I give Jesus the glory for what He has done thus far. If Jesus has done this for me, He can also do this for you. Amen.
In late 1995, my family and I were looking to move on from the Baptist church we had attended and served in. We were led to “visit” St. Hilda’s Church as we were living alongTanjong Katong Roadthen. Our association till then was that we had used the former Anglican Retreat Centre once for a church camp and also our good friends and present members, Mr & Mrs Freddy Chew, were graciously allowed to use the Church for their wedding in 1987.


We stumbled into St Hilda’s on Sunday 1 October,1995, without even knowing the time of the Sunday worship service! But God was ahead of us preparing our way; we were warmly welcomed and eased into the 10am service by sister Rosalyn Tay and many others. From then on, we never looked back and have madeSt. Hilda’s our spiritual home.

All good and perfect gifts come from God, the faithful one.
By Revd Chua Siang Guan

We started attending an inter-generational cell group, Families-in-Touch (FIT), led by Chris Chong whom we knew from our earlier involvement in the Varsity Christian Fellowship. God prospered this cell growing it into 3 such FIT cells that continue to meet even after some of us have children that have now become teenagers and young adults!


In 1996, my youngest son Asriel was born. Asriel means “God has filled with joy”. Indeed in more ways than this physical addition, God continues to fill our family with His joy! Out of this, God moved Fung Fung and I to moot the idea of a ministry for the young ones. The Cradle Club was birthed in 1997 after the PCC accepted our proposal.


Over the past 14 years, our greatest joy and amazement is to hear testimonies from those who were once toddlers, still singing songs from the “Son-castle Fair”, a Vacation Bible School programme that had clearly impacted them!


In 1999, God opened the door for St Hilda’s Church to start a community outreach programme in Kampong Arang. Through a series of divine events, I also sensed the Lord’s calling for me to serve here, fulfilling my pledge to serve God full-time one day. This pledge, made in 1984, was to build up the broken walls of the Church: a challenge from the exposition of the book of Nehemiah. This was something I constantly sought to hear and obey God; even while studying in NUS and working as an Accountant wherever God placed me.


On 10 December 1999, I started work with LoveCOPE that would later become St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre. Till I left on 31 December 2006 to start full time theological studies in TTC, the faithfulness of God in providing resources, opening doors, mobilizing St. Hildans, touching and transforming lives of the Kampong Arang community and up to the formation of the present Hokkien congregation is something I will always look back with awe at how God has blessed St Hilda’s.


Since June 2008, I have obeyed God’s call to serve as Parish Worker and subsequently ordained as Deacon and now a Priest. Psalm 145:4-5 says “One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works.” Indeed, who am I Lord, one so weak and fragile, that You have called me and love me in such wonderful ways? Looking back, I know that it is possible only with God’s grace and my heart overflows with praise for Him and the St. Hilda’s family as we celebrate His faithfulness to us all once again!

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ for placing me in the family of Christ at St Hilda’s Church.
By Iris Chua

On 7th Dec I would have been a Christian and worshipping at St Hilda’s Church for 33 years. Through all the years, I have had many mentors who helped me, believed in me and encouraged me in my Walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Like the Apostle Paul in Romans Chapter 16, I would love to name them all but it is an impossibility.


Our Lord designed me and know where I can best serve Him. He sent me here after the Singapore Billy Graham Crusade. My first contacts were Mrs Helen Li and her late husband Mr Li Man On.


They followed me up and made sure I was integrated into life here involved in the different ministries. I specially thank the Lord Jesus that I was given the opportunity to speak to my Godpa Mr Li before he passed away recently to thank him for being God’s instrument in my life.


My foundation in the Christian faith was started by our Vicar Canon Soon who was also the curate at that time. He took me through the baptism and confirmation couses and Life in the Spirit teachings.


Mrs Ho Kah Kiam, Samuel Ratnam and John Teo were also strongly used by the Lord to deepen my understanding of the Word through personal teachings and Bible Study groups.


I was also involved in the Sunday School, Youth Groups, Adult Training Fellowship, Cell Groups, PCC and Synod right from the start! God is so amazing. I learnt first hand from Mrs Khoo Tin Neo on how to manage the Welfare needs of different members buying them food monthly and seeing that their daily needs are met. She is a great example of a faithful servant of the Lord as I see her serving the Lord in the breakfast team even now at the age of 87years!!


I am not able to mention everyone in this short testimony but I owe all of you a debt of gratitude as you surround me with your prayers, fellowship, care and concern. The friendships of each one at St Hilda’s Church are very precious to me!!

One is never too old to learn.
An Eulogy To Li Man On



Li Man On married Helen in St. Hilda’s Church on 15 April,1963. He passed on peacefully to be with our Lord on Sept 2, 2011 at age 83, leaving his wife who is 73 years old behind. The last week of Man On’s life, he prayed:


“Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you, in the name of Jesus, through the blood of Christ. I thank you for giving me a partner, Helen, together on this earth and have a blessed family with four children and 6 grandchildren. We had gone through thick-and-thin together. As I am leaving this world, I hand my whole family into Your hands. Helen is a good wife, mother, and grandmother. And I thank all people who lifted me in prayers during my sickness of cancer, when I was diagnosed with 4th stage Colon cancer which spread to the liver.”


Helen and the children brought him to UCSF hospital for chemotherapy since Feb 2010 for a year, and for the most part, he did not feel the side effects of nausea, diarrhoea, or pain that many chemotherapy patients experience. He was even able to go to his flute class in the period he received treatments. His last flute recital was 20 May, 2011. Every time he had an appointment with his oncologists, they asked him how he felt, and he would reply that he did not feel any negative side effects. Helen and Man On always claimed the verses in


John 14:13-14,

“13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.”


And Isaiah 53:4-5,

“4 Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. 5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed..”


And Philippians 4:13
“13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


By the wisdom of God, Helen was able to care for him with the right foods as she managed to go to UCSF research center to get a list of the potassium levels of fruits and vegetables. With proper care by avoidance fruits/vegetables with high potassium levels, it helped prolong the health of his kidneys.


During this time, Helen also nourished his spirit by singing the song “Love lifted Him.” The doctor had only expected him to live for one year since the diagnosis in January 2010, but God was gracious and he lived for 18 months till 2 Sept, 2011.


Man On worked for SIA as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. He served as People’s Warden in St. Hilda’s Church. In the US, he served in the Chinese congregation bible study group by playing the piano. He also volunteered for social work in San Francisco Chinatown.


His children said that the best gifts Dad gave them was bringing them to church to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and also to give them opportunities by sending them to the U.S.A. for tertiary education. He learned the organ at the age of 55, golf at 72, and flute at 78 years old.


Man On’s mantra in life was: “One is never too old to learn.”

I am fully retired but still wearing my different ‘uniform’ of a Lay Reader on Sundays or festival days.
By Roland V Simon

By the grace of God, after 25 years of service, I gracefully retired on 2 May, 1987 from the Republic of Singapore Navy at the age of 55. I hung up my uniform not knowing that I would wear another kind of white uniform in later years.


When I was the Commanding Officer of RSS Resolution I had a cell group going on board the ship several of my crew members from many denominations. We met every other night so as to cater for those on duty. No meetings were held during foul weather (typhoons, etc.) or when we were involved in an exercise with other ships. My ship would be away from home for approximately eight months in a year.


To the surprise of my colleagues, just before I retired, I attended the SAF Counselling Course. They told me that after counselling my crew members for years, I need not do it. Little did I know that the Lord was leading and preparing me for His purpose.


After retiring, I intended to rest for one month. But after two weeks, I got up one morning, ate breakfast, and wore my uniform. Betty was watching me all this time but kept quiet. I walked to the front door to wear my shoes and took my cap. Only then did Betty ask me where I intended to go. I said that I intended to go to work. She said: “You are retired now”.
Well, old habits die hard. We had a good laugh and I eventually got rid of all my uniforms.


For six months, I worked as a housing estate agent. I did not like the work. Then I was guided by the Holy Spirit to have a chat with Rev. David Stitt. It was in 1987. He offered me a job but I didn’t want a full time job. So I worked on a half-a-day basis and he took me along whenever he visited the elderly at their homes or in the nursing homes. He was preparing me. He subsequently asked me to take charge of these visits after he left in 1988.


It was during this time that, by chance, I met with the late Rev Henry Khoo. He was then the Chaplain of the Prison Ministry. He ask me if I would like to counsel prisoners in Changi Prison. It was a challenging ministry and I agreed. He became my mentor and I attended a Christian Counselling Course.


My first councelling session at Hall 6 Changi Prison, even in the company of another Counsellor, was frightening. We went through six gates, and the way the prisoners stared at us scared me even more. It was the start of my three years (from end of 1988 to end of 1991) in Prisoner Ministry.


In my first and second solo counselling sessions of drug pushers in Hall 8, I had only one prisoner who wanted counselling and prayers. I felt very disappointed. But the latter prisoner (I shall call him ‘John’) told me that the rest were very suspicious of ‘new counsellors’ as they suspected the Prison Authorities of planting ‘moles’ amongst them. He then shared his tea with me. I drank from his plastic mug which he offered me, not knowing that I was being ‘observed’.


On the fifth week, to my utter surprise, the ‘Group Leader’ among the inmates called ‘Henry’, (not his real name) approached me and asked if he could also join my counselling session. I didn’t know then that the plastic mug of tea which I drank from did the trick. But it was not the cue as I first thought. It was a signal from God, following which Henry brought 11 other inmates to join us twice a week., That was not the end. Henry said that he would arrange for two translators, i.e., one for Mandarin and the other Cantonese, to help translate what I say. Another inmate also translated the hymns we sang. Suddenly, my fear was gone and joy came into my heart. If that was not a miracle, then what is?


I informed Rev Henry Khoo later and we prayed together to thank the Lord for directing us in the work that we were doing. The next Sunday service for the prisoners, inside the prison hall, Henry testified and thanked God for Rev Khoo who arranged for ‘sincere counsellors’ to boost their morale.


After eight months, in addition to Changi Prison, Rev Khoo assigned me to counsel the inmates at the Reformatory Centre at Ulu Siglap every Sunday afternoon. Prisoners under the age of 18 were sent there to the delight of Rev Alex Paatan whose God son was also an inmate there.


I invited ‘John’ and ‘Henry’ to attend 8am service at St. Hilda’s Church after they were released from prison. They came and I did not tell anyone that they were former prisoners. Confidentiality is the rule between counsellors and counselees’.


After I left the Prison Ministry, some of the inmates asked Rev Khoo what happened to me. He told them that I was working elsewhere. I heard that ‘John’ was working at a factory and ‘Henry’ had a business in China. Sadly, one other inmate, due to peer pressure, had gone back to pushing drugs, was caught and hung for doing so. I have no news of the other nine inmates and some of those who were at the Reformatory Centre except for Rev Paatan’s God son who is now working.
I then worked full time as the Warden of the now defunct Anglican Retreat Centre for five years, (1992 to 1997), and lived in the third floor flat of 41, Ceylon Road. It was a very eventful five years when, something unpleasant happened at the ARC which almost made me leave St. Hilda’s Church.


I am now fully retired but I still wear a different uniform – that of a Lay Reader on Sundays or festival days. I remember the remark made by the Ven. Wong Tuck Meng when he spoke with Adrian and me at the 100th anniversary of the Diocese of Singapore: “I am pleased to see two generations of Lay Readers serving together for the glory of the Lord” or words to that effect’.

All glory and thanksgiving to Almighty God for his saving grace!
By Iris Yee

This is my testimony of God’s Love and My Mother’s Salvation.


I want to thank God and give Him all Glory and Praise for the salvation of my mother in March this year.


My mother had kidney failure since last year. In October, she had a fall. She fractured her hip but she could not go through surgery to fix it because her kidneys were only functioning at six percent and she was already eighty- four years old. She refused dialysis as she said she was already so old. The doctor also said that her heart might fail and she was not strong enough to take daily dialysis.


I had been trying to share Christ with her by bringing friends to visit her for many years. She was exposed to the love of Christ by different friends of mine. For more than ten years, I had been praying for her salvation. I had taken her to Mandarin services and outreaches where she heard of God’s goodness and love, but there was no response from her. However, I believed the seed had been sown along the way and was watered.


About ten years ago, she had a drug allergy which could be fatal. She had a fever and her body was bloated. My friend, Lois, visited her often and shared God’s word with her in Mandarin. She allowed Lois to pray for her but she did not want to become a Christian. Lois told her that she would pray with her for Jesus to heal her and that when she was healed she must receive Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.


After the prayer, my mother was healed! Lois came back and asked if she wanted to receive Jesus. She smiled but did not commit herself. Then Lois encouraged me to be the one to give the salvation call to my mother, and she stopped visiting my mother for about ten years.


When Mother was dying of kidney failure in February this year, I looked for someone who could share the gospel in Mandarin with her one last time. All these years my daughters and I had been praying for her salvation. We prayed for her salvation in our cell group too. Then the Lord revealed that I should call on Lois to share the gospel with her.


On the way to the hospital, I prayed for the Lord’s mercy. When my mother saw Lois, she was so happy– like she was seeing a long lost friend. She committed her life to Jesus and was saved! Praise God! She was baptised a week later by Rev. Huang and passed away the following week. All glory and thanksgiving to Almighty God for his saving grace!

“Glorious things of thee are spoken.” Psalm 87:3
By Ian Poulier

Two Sundays ago (8/10/2011) I went back to St. Hilda’s after a long hiatus. As some of you might know, I had taken time off from Worship Ministry and church to help around the home on Sundays. As my domestic helper was on her day off I needed to be around to help my ailing dad and disabled brother.


Getting another helper was an option we explored but financially we were tight with all the medical expenses to bear. It was a difficult decision for me to step off from song leading and also coming to church. However, I knew it was the only option left for me.


Since then, we have had our fair share of shocks and challenges, but through each one of them, one thread runs consistently through the fabric: the thread of God’s love and faithfulness, holding all things together.


As a counsellor, I thought I would be prepared to face these challenges, but I was taken aback at how fragile I was. Yet, I could see at the heart of everything lay this very important thought, “Where was I going to place God in this situation?” God has given us all the free will of choice to decide. He loves us, but we have the choice to make.


To help me make the right choices, I am so thankful for the gift of music and the gift of friends. I had to provide emotional support to my brother, dad and my mum. Physically I was exhausted, mentally I was drained, but with God’s provision of friends and music and the Word, it became my solace.


I would like to share one important verse that really spoke to me during the challenges and situations I faced. It comes from Psalm 118:8,

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.”


That verse sums up the very pivot our human existence hinges on. Do we seek the Lord or do we seek the wisdom of man? Doctors can do many things, science can do wonders, but our God can do MIRACLES!


I am indeed thankful that God never forsook us as a family. God never stopped reminding me that I am the apple of His eye. He did this through the many kind brothers and sisters I have known in church and not forgetting the power of social media.
I am indeed thankful for the family I have in St. Hilda’s, especially Allison Chee and Sim Ai Lin who constantly encouragedand prayed with me, brothers and sisters who imparted a word of encouragement, uttered a prayer and even sent me messages in a song!


Things will never be perfect, but we do have a perfect God who watches over us.


Please keep us in prayer.