“In Christ we serve the community as a beacon of Faith, Hope and Love.”

St Hilda’s vision is modelled on Hilda of Whitby (AD 614 – 680), a Christian saint and founding abbess of the monastry of Whitby, England. She became a shining light to the whole church of God in Britain in the Dark Ages, because her abbey:

  • Espoused and taught strict observance of justice, piety, peace, love and chastity
  • Spread the good news of God’s love through formal education
  • Used songs of gospel and praise, and encouraged the young poet Caedmon to write hymns for the simple folk of the day
  • Used colloquial English instead of the traditionally-accepted Latin to spread the Gospel all over the land.

True to her name, therefore, St. Hilda’s Church’s vision is to proclaim God’s praises, love and grace to:

  • A broken world – where rejection, hurt, emptiness and sorrow prevail, by using the Word of faith, hope and love
  • A closed world – where pride and doubt exist, by using the Word of truth
  • A hostile world – where spiritual darkness exists, by using the Word of life
  • A nether world – where the evil one dominates, by using the gifts of God – prayer and worship


“To be a worshipping community that is grounded in God’s Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit for sanctification, ministry and missions, and growing in Christ to reach out as a beacon of Faith, Hope and Love.”