Home Cell Groups


Home cell groups were initiated in the late 1970’s in the wake of the Charismatic Revival in Singapore, when the movement of the Spirit stirred congregation members to want to meet during the course of the week.

Each home group today has a considerable amount of independence. They choose the day, the bible study material and the hymns and songs for their own praise and worship sessions.

St Hilda’s Church has a total of 19 English congregation home cell groups and five Mandarin congregation home cell groups. They are primarily based in the east of Singapore.

Church members are encouraged to be part of our home cells as they are an integral part of our church life. Family members, relatives and friends of cell group members are welcome to join our home cell groups.

Cell members grow closer together in faith, prayer and worship and in their daily walk with the Lord. They share the Word together, they pray together, they support one another, they do things together, and they break bread together.

Come and join us and be part of the St Hilda’s family! Just call 63443463 or email us at church@sthildas.org.sg