1. The school’s entrance gate on Tampines Street 82

Address: 2 Tampines Ave 3 / Tampines Street 82, Singapore 529706.

The school is at the junction of Street 82 and Tampines Ave 3, with the school’s main entrance gate on Tampines Street 82, and an exit gate and a separate pedestrian entrance/exit gate on Tampines Avenue 3.

There is a third entrance/exit gate on Tampines Ave 4 that leads to a separate compound of the school, where teachers normally park their cars. The compound serves a building with the school’s only lift or elevator.


Across Tampines Street 82 from the school is Lighthouse Evangelism Church.

Across Tampines Ave 3, a major road, is Tampines West Community Club, with a clock tower.


2. Lighthouse Evangelism Church


3.Tampines West Community Club

By Car to School

The only legal approach by car to the school’s entrance gate is from Tampines Ave 4 turning into Tampines Street 82 and taking a loop to the entrance gate of the school. It is illegal to turn in from Tampines 3 into Tampines Street 82 to turn right into the school.

If you are driving:

  1. Please ensure you display the Church Car Label on your vehicle’s windscreen. As we are responsible for the school’s security we will only allow in cars with church labels. If you still do not have the Church Car Label, please register for one now. For your visitors who drive, do let us have their names and registration plate numbers in advance.
  2. The elderly who are normally driven to church should apply for Blue Labels that will allow their vehicles to access the Zone 1 compound on Tampines Ave 4. There is an elevator in Zone 1 to bring them up to the worship hall. There are only a limited number of Blue Labels. Please understand that if demand exceeds supply the church will have the final say on the successful applications.
  3. Members with Red Labels are to also park in Zone 1.

School Car Park
With double parking, the school’s car park can take up to 100 cars. This likely meets all our needs. Please note that with morning service at the nearby Lighthouse, Street 82 will be congested from 930am.

The parking grounds of the primary school will be divided into three zones.

Zooming down to the three car zones:

Zone 1 is located at the rear of the school in a separate compound. It will be reserved for the chartered buses as well as Red Label and Blue Label cars. This is because there is a lift to the worship hall from Level 1 where the cars and buses are parked.

Zone 2 is for E1 cars only. About 40 cars can be parked here, starting from the school’s exit gate on Tampines Ave 3.

4. Zone 2 is located before the exit gate on Tampines Ave 3

E2/E3 cars will start parking in Zone 3 first ie, the quadrangle after the entrance gate. When E1 cars move out of Zone 2 after E1 service, E2/E3 cars will be directed there.

5. Zone 3. As you enter the main entrance gate on Tampines Str 82

6. Zone 3. Next to the entrance gate is the quadrangle that leads to the exit gate at far end. Can take up to 65 cars.

Multi-storey Car Park
You may also park at the multi-storey car park at Block 842A. It is a seven-minute shaded walk to the school. This multi-storey car park is the only one on Street 82 loop. After the entrance to this car park is St Hilda’s Secondary School, followed by the primary school (our destination).
7.Look out for the blue Block 842A sign on Street 82

8.Multi-storey car park at the end of access street

9. A pleasant shaded 7-minute walk from the multi- storey car park on Street 82 to Street 82/Ave 3 junction
where St Hilda’s Primary School is located

By Bus to School

Chartered bus from MRT Station (For May 31 and June 7 only)

From the down escalator at Tampines MRT station, turn right and exit through Exit B.


10. Exit B at Tampines MRT station


11. The bicycle bay outside Exit B

From Exit B, turn right and walk towards the bicycle stand, where the chartered bus will be waiting. Be punctual as there is only one trip each for E1 and for E2 / E3. The bus will leave punctually at 7.50 am for E1 and at 9.50 am for E2 / E3. Those who miss the chartered bus may take a cab (from a Taxi Stand also outside Exit B) or take the feeder bus # 293 (from the Bus Interchange) to the school.

12. Tampines MRT station Exit B. The chartered buses will wait here. The Bicycle Stand is on the right of this image.

By Feeder Public Bus # 293 to the School

From Tampines MRT Station, you take a short walk past Century Square to Tampines Bus Interchange and hop onto feeder bus #293. The bus will loop along Tampines Central 1 and turn right into Tampines Ave 4.

At the junction with a big Shell petrol station it will turn right from Tampines Ave 4 into Tampines Ave 3. After this turn, press the bell to disembark. The school is across the road. The bus ride will take about 18 minutes. Going back to Tampines MRT station, just take the bus stop next to the school’s exit gate and hop on to bus # 293. Disembark at the Bus Interchange.

13. The school (blue in colour) is across Tampines Ave 3 from the bus stop. It is a 3-minute walk to the pedestrian gate next to the vehicular exit gate and the going-home bus stop on Tampines Ave 3