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A Benediction for 2018

As we enter the New Year, May the LORD Himself be your greatest desire, for in His presence we have the greatest good; 1
May the LORD guide you with His heavenly wisdom, which is pure, peaceable, gentle and merciful; 2
May the LORD free you from fretful strife, but fill your days with a bountiful harvest
of righteousness sown in peace; 3
And may the LORD give you grace to fix your gaze on Jesus,
the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, 4 by the power of His Spirit our Counselor, 5 in the unfailing love of God our Father, 6
May God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit— be the strength of your heart,
and your portion forever. 7 Amen.

1 Psalm 73:25, 28 | 2 James 3:17 | 3 James 3:18 | 4 Hebrews 12:2 | 5 John 14:16, 14:26, 15:26 6 Psalm 33:5, 18, 22 | 7 Psalm 73:26

- St Hilda’s Church, Katong, Singapore

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St Hilda’s Church. 83rd Anniversary

26 November 2017
by Pastor Tak Meng

One of the things I love about the Church Calendar is that it marks out the year not by the weather or the different sales that come our way, but in terms of God’s great acts of love to save us from sin and bring us home to Himself—from the birth of Christ, to His life, death and resurrection, and His coming again to be King forever.

Very soon, next Sunday in fact, we are going to start a brand new Church Year with the season of Advent. We will remember how dark, broken and empty our lives were when we were far away from God. Against that backdrop, we will recapture each week God’s light breaking through to give us hope—the hope of Love, Joy and Peace.

This year, Rev Martin has prepared a wonderful Advent sermon series around those three wonderful words—Love, Joy and Peace—and the cry of all the saints, “Come, Jesus, Come!”.

That’s why I am writing this Pre-Advent Pastoral Letter, to encourage you to make this Advent and Christmas not just a season of busyness, festivities and consumption, but one of spiritual growth. Not just for yourself, but also your family—children and grandchildren together.

How can we do that?


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One Thought – A Devotional
The LORD Chose Us, And He Alone Shall Dismiss Us

(This Devotion applies to everyone, whether he or she serves the Lord through a ministry or on their own)

31 December 2017

My dear brother and sister Marshalls.

For the past several weeks, I was asking myself what to write to you for the New Year. Wrecking my head and not getting any wiser as the deadline drew near, I asked God.

At first, He did not answer me at all.

Then He must have planted this thought in my head: Write about the challenges of keeping the ministry together as a loving and united team, but also deal with the question, “What drives us?”

It was a good theme, but I did not quite understand the need or relevance of the follow-up question.

Then I heard Rev Stephen Lim’s sermon on Sunday (December 31, 2017) and a verse that sister Tina Kong shared the next day (January 1, 2018) with members of the prayer group, FISH.

The pieces in God’s puzzle suddenly came together.

For nearly four years, we have been busy trying to build a cohesive ministry. But Sunday in and Sunday out we keep doing the same thing. Then what?

Routine will set in. Meaninglessness will begin to settle like sediment in a stagnant pool. Edges will fray as irritation begins to grate human relationships. We will each begin to wonder what to do with ourselves and about our own place in the ministry, and even in church.

Should I leave? Should I stay? For how long should I be active in this ministry? Where else can I serve God? Why should I care when there are Christian brothers and sisters who behave like hypocrites?

I am sure there are times we have felt this way. I have even asked myself often enough: When is the right time to step down and have someone else lead our ministry?

The message from the pulpit last Sunday could not have been clearer.

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