Today's Message

Dear Father God. Thank You for filling us with Your Holy Spirit. Make us willing workers, inspired by Your Word. Give us the wisdom, discernment, courage and strength to speak to others of Your boundless love. May You be our shield against rejection and discouragement. May You be our sword against lies, falsehoods and dissension. May You be our balm when we are in need of rest and refreshment. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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Christian Education

Teaching Series on the Book of Jeremiah by Bishop Rennis Ponniah

April 2018

The Old Testament book of Jeremiah is a 2,500-year-old prophecy that is as relevant to our life today as it was to the Jews at the time.

It is message from and about God who works out his purposes through covenants.

Though more than 500 years before Christ, Jeremiah knew about the arrival of the New Covenant in Jesus that would change everything. The Jews in Jeremiah’s time were either longing for the Messiah to come or, the majority had given up hope and forsaken their God.

But God had not forsaken them.

In the same way, Christians all over the world look forward to Jesus’ second coming but most people in the world couldn’t care less. Jeremiah’s prophecy gives us great encouragement to live faithfully in a world that is in turmoil.

Bishop Rennis spent part of his sabbatical in 2016 to study Jeremiah at a deeper level. God powerfully spoke to Bp Rennis and he now passes the message on to the church in 10 sessions, delivered in five lectures at St Hilda’s Church.

– Ps Martin Jungnickel

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27 May 2018

Because of renovations, the Sanctuary and parts of church premises will be closed from Monday, 28 May to 3 August 2018. During this period:

English Services (Sunday)
8 am – Worship Service (E1) at Bethel Hall
10.15am – Worship Service (E2) at Bethel Hall
10.15am – Youths, Young Adults and Families Service (E3) at Joshua Hall

Mandarin (Sunday)
2 pm – Worship Service at Joshua Hall

Hokkien (Saturday)
3.30pm – Worship Service at Joshua Hall

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Reference materials and resources for Home Cells, Bible Study Groups and Christian Education Ministries may be found in this link to Ethos Institute’s website.

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One Thought – A Devotional
The Hope of Easter

1 Apr 2018

Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction, which makes it so difficult to believe some of the things one hears or reads.

And what could be stranger, and more unlikely, than about someone rising from the dead, conquering death, no less? Yet, this is the entire Easter message, which I have been drawn to, and have based my beliefs on.

Resurrection as Reality
The news the women brought back that first fateful Easter morning, some two thousand years ago, that the tomb was empty, that Jesus is risen and is alive, is just too unbelievable, for our human mind and reasoning, with all its limitations, to take in.

As with all news, not everyone believes, even though many do. In the process, this news of the first Easter has changed the lives of literally billions of people through two millennia.

It has in fact become the lynchpin of the Christian Faith, for upon this reality of the Resurrection, Christianity stands or falls.

Speaking for myself, the Resurrection of Jesus must be a literal, historical event which took place in the very way as the bible records it.

Its intended message is to spell out the truth (if one would accept it as such) that, contrary to all our reasoning, experience and persuasion, death and oblivion will not have the last word on us.

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