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Put in us, Lord, the simple faith in You. The faith that is unquestioning; the faith that never spoils; the faith that calls out to You all the time; the faith that is dependent on You. Help us, Lord, to fight our everyday battles – with the worldliness that tempts us, with our inner demons that diminish us, and, most of all, against the evil one who weakens us to lead us away from You. Cover us with Your shield of faith, Lord, that we may stand up to proclaim Your Good News. Amen!

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The Cross Of Christ
St Hilda’s Church’s Lent 2018 Sermon Series

18 Feb 2018

18 Feb 2018 • Christ Made Himself Nothing
Phil 2:1-13; Matt 27:27-31 • Rev Martin Jungnickel

25 Feb 2018 • Christ turned Tragedy into Triumph
Col 2:8-15; Matt 27:32-45 • Pastor Wendy Yong

4 Mar 2018 • Christ turned Shame into Solvation
Heb 12:1-2; Rom 1:16-17; John 12:27-33 • Vicar Wong Tak Meng

11 Mar 2018 • Christ crucified: Power and Wisdom of God
1 Cor 1:18-31; Luke 16:19-31 • Vicar Wong Tak Meng

18 Mar 2018 • Christ: for every Nation, Tribe and Tongue
Rev 7:9-`7; Jphn 10:14-18; 20:19-21 • Samuel Ratnam

25 Mar 2018 (Palm Sunday) • The Lord has need of you
Zech 9:9-11; Luke 19:28-40 • Rev Martin Jungnickel


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One Thought – A Devotional
Denying Oneself

4 March 2018

This year’s Chinese New Year celebrations held mixed sensations for me.

On Wednesday 14 February, one day before Chinese New Year’s Eve, someone reminded me of Ash Wednesday service in church that evening. She asked whether I would be attending, as Linda and I usually did.

In recent years we had made it a point to anticipate and prepare for Lent. But this year, I was barely recovering from three weeks of a nasty bout of flu, then. I was also pumped up with antibiotics and steroids and had hardly enjoyed any healthy time to prepare for CNY, let alone Lent!

It suddenly struck me that the 40-day Lent and the 15 days of CNY were running neck-to-neck in a race for our time this year!

Lent is a Christian religious observance that starts on Ash Wednesday and is only over on Easter Sunday, after 40 days of quiet reflection, solemnity and fasting. It represents the 40 days our Saviour, Jesus Christ, spent in the desert and tempted by Satan.

Chinese New Year, on the other hand, is a time of family reunion, honouring one’s elders and ancestors, and welcoming Spring, amidst rousing celebrations and unremitting feasting.

The two observances are the exact opposite of each other. How do you choose one and not neglect the other? Thankfully, CNY celebrations can be enjoyed for only so long. We are now back into Lent.

Last Sunday (4 March), our Vicar Wong Tak Meng talked about carrying the cross for Christ, and what that might mean to each of us. The previous Sunday, Pastor Martin Jungnickle spoke on humility in love.

In my reflections, and I am sure it is not unique to me, I feel there is another important aspect of Lent that we should not overlook: It is about denying oneself, for Christ.

The story of ultimate self-denial told In Matthew 26:39, must be the most poignant ever.

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