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Father God

We know all things are possible with You. Through all the seasons of our church life, you have been with us, always. From the time St Hilda's Church on Ceylon Road was founded; through the war years; through the years of the boys-only and then mixed and then girls-only schools to the nursery and kindergarten; through the years of evangelistic revival; through the years of sundays to sundays; through the years of community service; and through the years of searching and rebuilding a shared spirit. We pray LORD for You to continue Your walk with us, as you have for over 80 years! Give us the wisdom to know Your will for us, and the faith, courage, determination and love to follow it. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your son, amen.

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Nothing from February 23, 2017 to February 24, 2017.



8 February 2017

Two olive trees were planted to mark the 80th anniversary. They were later determined to belong to the elaeocarpus serratus family, also commonly known as Ceylon Olives or Veralu in Sinhalese. Colin Chee, who landscapes the Church garden, recounts the planting as a testimony to God’s grace:

“A pasar malam (night market) plant vendor bought two olive trees while on holiday in Australia 10 years ago. In Singapore, he found no buyers. When he had to close down his nursery, he gave the trees to our church gardener, Chua Boon Hoe. Chua quietly kept them at the back of St Hilda’s Church for two years. One tree died after the transfer.

“In the middle of last year, Chua asked if we wanted an olive tree. I told him no, but said it was okay to leave it in our grounds.

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One Thought – A Devotional
God Is Not In A Hurry

22 January 2017

Barcelona’s renowned Sagrada Familia was always surrounded by controversy. English writer George Orwell described it as hideous. The famed late Spanish artist Dali said it was a terrifying and edible beauty. Art critic Rainer Zerbst said it was probably impossible to find a church building anything like it in the entire history of art.

Linda and I were in Barcelona in 2010. We spent two hours exploring its then partly completed rooftops and spires. We thought it was and we still think it is a wonderfully surreal and intensely personal architectural hymn to our LORD.

Sagrada Familia, or Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, has been under continuous construction since 1882. Its end is nowhere clearly in sight.

Its brilliant conceptual designer was the deeply devout Roman Catholic architect Antoni Gaudi. His vision was for the church to be built with only private donations from ordinary members of the public. He forsook funds from the government or large organizations to hasten the church’s completion.

His reason: “My client (God) is in no hurry.” Gaudi wanted it to be a house built by ordinary people for God. He did not care how long or unpredictable this would take.

In a curious way, Gaudi might have gotten it right. He must have had a deep sense of what God’s timing means.

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