Today's Message

Dear Father, as we approach the story of Salvation, teach us to do so with humility and thanksgiving in our hearts. Your grace, love, and mercy for Your children are beyond imagining. Help us, Lord, to shake all earthly things and concerns from our souls, that we may search within ourselves for evidence of You! Help us to focus our hearts and minds on you and Your son, Christ Jesus, and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Let us not take you for granted, as we often do, when times are good. Instead, give us the steel of conviction to declare Your glory and love wherever we go. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

- Member of E1. St Hilda's

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Christian Education

Teaching Series on the Book of Jeremiah by Bishop Rennis Ponniah

April 2018

The Old Testament book of Jeremiah is a 2,500-year-old prophecy that is as relevant to our life today as it was to the Jews at the time.

It is message from and about God who works out his purposes through covenants.

Though more than 500 years before Christ, Jeremiah knew about the arrival of the New Covenant in Jesus that would change everything. The Jews in Jeremiah’s time were either longing for the Messiah to come or, the majority had given up hope and forsaken their God.

But God had not forsaken them.

In the same way, Christians all over the world look forward to Jesus’ second coming but most people in the world couldn’t care less. Jeremiah’s prophecy gives us great encouragement to live faithfully in a world that is in turmoil.

Bishop Rennis spent part of his sabbatical in 2016 to study Jeremiah at a deeper level. God powerfully spoke to Bp Rennis and he now passes the message on to the church in 10 sessions, delivered in five lectures at St Hilda’s Church.

– Ps Martin Jungnickel

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What is Advent?

2 Dec 2018

The literal meaning of “advent” is “coming” or “arrival”. During this time, we look back to the first coming of Jesus Christ and look forward to his second coming. Jesus came to show us God’s Kingdom and to bring forgiveness of sins and eternal life to those who believe in him. He will come again in power and authority to receive the church and to judge the nations.
Advent marks the beginning of the Church Year. It lasts for four Sundays, ending on Christmas eve.

A Spiritual Journey

Advent is a spiritual journey that Christians take through passages of Scripture that point to the birth of the Messiah, to a reaffirmation that he has come, is here and will come again in glory. It mirrors the journey of faith that Christians take as we look forward to our own destination, which is to be in his presence forever!
We observe Advent as a time of reflection and anticipation that Jesus has already arrived and look forward to that great Second Advent of the Lord! You will find a short devotion for your meditation each week.

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Reference materials and resources for Home Cells, Bible Study Groups and Christian Education Ministries may be found in this link to Ethos Institute’s website.

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“Seeking God”
Advent Devotion Week 2

9 Dec 2018

Matthew 2:1-12, Isaiah 55:1-7

When I was asked to write this devotion on seeking God, I was like “me?… you want me to write about seeking God?” I felt that I was the poorest at seeking – always getting distracted, lazy, or that I only sought God when I needed something – like when I am preparing songs for worship, or leading bible study, or when I was in pain.

As I read about the wise men again, I could not help but let out a “Wow!!” Here were real seekers – so wise to seek the One who mattered the most. I wondered how far they travelled from the East? How dangerous were their travels as they followed the star to Jerusalem? Why would they go to worship a foreign King? How did they know which star to follow and when? Who told them?

Even though the answers were not specifically stated, I could only conclude that it was God who was seeking these true worshippers. I saw God again, directing the wise men through His Word when they arrived in Jerusalem to where His son was, in Bethlehem of Judea. I was in wonder at how God used King Herod, who after consulting with the chief priest and scribes, pointed the way for the wise men.

God called and gave this privilege of worshipping His son to Gentiles. As a Christian I do feel that many times I am like the Jewish chief priests and scribes who have the Word of God, but yet are not seeking God. However, even as I read the passage in Isaiah, I was comforted that God is still seeking me to come and worship Him.

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