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Today's Message

“Heavenly Father, we give You thanks and praise, that when we were still far off You met us in Your Son and brought us home. May we who share Christ's body live His risen life; we who drink His cup bring life to others.”

- The third prayer for Advent, 2014

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    28 November 2014
    Advent is Upon Us

    “Advent” is the beginning of the Church Year during which the church looks back to the first coming of Jesus Christ and looks forward to the second coming! It lasts for 4 Sundays ending on Christmas Eve.

    It is a spiritual journey that can be expressed through

    • The Advent Wreath
    • Candle Lighting; and
    • Advent Devotions

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    The Third Devotional for Advent
    Who Gets The Bacon?

    Where do you think the money for the best robe, ring and sandal came from? Somebody had to work hard for the money. Where do you think the fattened calf came from? Somebody had to break his back working on the farm. When somebody took his share of inheritance and split; somebody had to remain behind to work for the father.

    So the older son did just that, he worked hard and remained with his father. That was commendable. In fact, that was needful.

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