Today's Message

Our dear heavenly Father,

we thank you for the love that you shower on us day by day. Amidst so much discouraging news, we know that you are still in control of all affairs. You know when a sparrow falls to the ground and that every hair on our head is numbered. Such thoughts ignite faith in us. May we not be buffeted by the storms around us but have our eyes on you. May your love and joy flood our hearts and minds. May such thoughts and feelings radiate from us to a joyless world. May the joy of the Lord be our strength. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

~ Prayer by Samuel Ratnam. Vicar’s Warden. SHC

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Nothing from October 29, 2016 to October 29, 2016.



9 October 2016

Today, Bishop John Tan confirmed 23 brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ. He gave them their first Holy Communion. In his exhortation to the church, Bishop Tan reminded us that the Lord’s first miracle has more meaning to it than turning water into wine. There is a deeper spiritual teaching. Not only do we see Christ use show His glory and use His power to change the physical make-up of water into wine, He also has the power to change our lives into something better. He can transform our lives! This is the message that we are apt to miss because the physical change of water to wine is visually more exciting. But His power to touch our lives when we need it is the bigger message.

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One Thought – A Devotional
Prayer – A Conversation With God

25 October 2016

For as long as I can remember I never took prayer seriously.

It was something I did when I followed my late mum to Novena as she prayed for me to pass my Primary 6 exams. I prayed the Hail Mary when I attended mass in St Joseph’s Church in the company of my childhood kampung Roman Catholic buddy. I prayed because everyone else did, when I was active in Youth For Christ on Yarwood Avenue during secondary school.

I never quite understood the significance of prayer, then. It was something required of me. God was still remote. The nearest I got to Him were those times when I felt a fleeting warm body rush as I sang hymns to Him.

In my late teens, I went to university and studied philosophy in my first semester. I stopped praying altogether. “Was there really a God?” I had asked, fashionably.

It was this way for a long time after graduation. God was out of my mind. If at all, during this fallow period of almost 20 years, He was at best in my life’s backseat. I was later to find out from Aunty Lily, my late mum’s fourth sister, that mum had been praying unceasingly at St Andrew’s Cathedral for me to return to God. After all, I was baptized there as a child.

In a way, without my realizing it, I had prayers chasing after me all those years.

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