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Today's Message

On the Cross

We carried Christ to the Cross,
But He carried our sins on the Cross.
We carried our anger and disdain on the Cross,
But He dealt with our shame on the Cross.

- A Prayer by Ian Poulier. E2. 2015

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    Photos by Mickel Tan

    Easter Service on Sunday, April 5, was memorable.

    Natural-born actors from St Hilda’s Church bravely took to the stage. They played out the story of Christ and His resurrection in Bethel Hall. They were in turns funny, tender, poignant, hilarious, musical and somber. Their performances were inspiring.

    Easter is important for Christians. This is because without the Lord’s resurrection, we do not have a leg to stand on.

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    One Thought – A Devotional
    Unbelieving Prayers

    16 April 2015

    I read this with a smug smile on my face. Ha! Ha! These guys do not even believe in their prayers. You see, in the immediate context, the disciples were praying fervently for Peter’s release from King Herod’s prison.

    Yet, when God sent an angel to free Peter in answer to their prayers, they were incredulous and were simply unwilling or unable to believe what had just happened. But my smile quickly fades as I remember how often I have myself prayed unbelieving prayers.

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