Today's Message

Dear God our Heavenly Father,

We praise and worship You because of who You are and what You have done for us. Thank You for Your love and grace, that while we were yet sinners, You sacrificed Your Son on the cross so that we might live!

Today Lord, we want to pray especially on the behalf of those who are sick, frail and beset with infirmities. We thank You Lord that You have redeemed them and all of us from the pit, and so we are now more than conquerors!

~ Prayer by Chan Sam Neo. E1. St Hilda’s Church

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October 1, 2016
  • SHK K1 Annual Concert

    October 1, 2016



(An Excerpt from our 80th Anniversary Book in 2014)

9 June 2016

‘As in Nehemiah 8:10, the joy of the Lord has been His special gift to St Hilda’s Church since its founding in 1934. This spiritual heritage of faith, hope and love has not changed through the dark years of the War till now. We go forward with the same spirit of joy that was evident when young Revd John Hayter was in charge of St Hilda’s in 1942

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One Thought – A Devotional
The Body of Christ

21 September 2016

I have a dear friend who did not seem to be lucky in marriage. Her first marriage with her childhood sweetheart broke down early. A second marriage also ended before its time.

But she was not bitter. If she had reservations about marriage then, they did not show. She had hope. She picked herself up, went on with life, and one day was introduced to her dream man.

They have been happily married for more than 20 years now. They have three lovely children, and she recently became a doting grandma.

I am sure there are among us many broken relationships and badly hurt souls. We may feel the despair of unfair or failed relationships. We may feel deeply hurt to be at the losing end. We may feel frustrated, even infuriated, at how badly we may have been treated.

How many of us have been able to put all these feelings aside and look to the dark horizon for a new dawn?

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