Today's Message

We thank you Father God for seeing us safely through the year. We have had our ups and downs. But we know you have been there with us through them all. When we were sad - members falling sick and members dying - you were there all along to show us how we were to be a blessing to others and to bring glory to Your name! When we were glad, You were also there to celebrate our happiness with us – when pre-believers came to faith, when there was reconciliation, when healing came like a balm to all. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You, in the name of Jesus, for Your abiding love of St Hilda’s Church. May we always be deserving of Your love and grace. May we walk the straight and narrow path You have assigned us and may we not waver from the Word. Amen.

- A Prayer of Thanksgiving for a member of SHC.E1

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December 7, 2016
  • Israel trip

    December 3, 2016 - December 14, 2016

    Cost: S$4,500 (estimate)

    For more information, please contact Wendy Yong in church office.

  • Medical Mission Trip to Cambodia

    December 4, 2016 - December 7, 2016

  • Staff Devotion : AO

    December 7, 2016



20 November 2016

Gathered on the lawn
A carpet of brown and auburn leaves
That turns what once was a green space
Into a hue of distinguishing colours
That arrest the eyes and not soothe them
Where did the time go?
Weren't the leaves a luscious green?
But have now they degraded to a rustic brown
Bleak and lifeless
Gathered in a heap of desolation
Time has progressed
Nature has evolved
Things may appear to seem at their tethering end
Yet nature isn't linear
But cyclical
And so is the cycle of life
Which every man and woman has to endure
There would be Seasons when we would be sprightly
With a spring in our steps

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One Thought – A Devotional
A Refining Fire

1 December 2016

I will not forget your precepts.
- Psalm 119:45

I lift up my eyes to the hills - where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
- Psalm 121:1-2

I derived much joy while driving in New Zealand. I marvelled at the transforming vistas which were clearly the works of our mighty God.

When I visited Mount John Observatory, within the world-renowned Dark Night Reserve, I realised how insignificant earth is - just one of the billions of stars God had created. My eyes strained to see. There were a few million stars. However, when I looked through the observatory’s powerful research telescope, I beheld millions upon millions more stars thousands of light years away.

I thought humbly to myself: God had created a universe beyond measure, yet God knows me. I am far more important to Him than anything else.

Starting this vacation had been extremely trying and difficult with so much work on hand. I wondered how I was going to find rest in the next two weeks, much less to enjoy this holiday? I knew I needed to rest and to take a break. But I was also overwhelmed and "afflicted" by the continuous challenges at work that needed my instant and constant attention.  

But the little hope that I had left in me did not disappoint as my family and I came together to submit the situation to God.  I turned to the Lord asking for wisdom to help me find rest and allow me to enjoy my holiday, to leave "the burden of work" at His doorstep, and to be assured that He would be in control when I returned to work.

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