Today's Message

Father, as Jesus cured the sick and raised Lazarus from the dead, give comfort to those in our community who are sick.

We pray that your Spirit may heal their bodies and soothe their minds

leading them to find peace and hope in your grace.

- Adrian Porter (The Jesuit Institute)

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Nothing from May 6, 2016 to May 6, 2016.



The Meeting Place enjoyed its second module of physio therapy on May 26.

Physio therapists from East Coast Pratitioners came by to help members assess their propensity to fall and taught them various exercises to help them strengthen their limbs. Members were also taught how to recover from falls.

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One Thought – A Devotional
The Watchman

24 April 2016

During Habakkuk’s time, watchmen on the wall had to watch for four things: (a) fires from brush areas reaching the city, (b) wild animals that lived along the Jordan River that would stealthily approach inhabited areas when driven out of their natural habitats by flood, (c) invading armies which sometimes crawled into position under cover of darkness, and (d) the dawn.

For Habakkuk, he was faithful during his watch: “I will stand upon my watch. I will wait and see.” He was waiting to watch the Lord answer his prayers.

In today’s context, a watchman has to watch for people who may try to gain unauthorised entry to a place where they do not live or reside in, or work in. The watchman also has to be aware of neighbouring buildings or surroundings.

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