Today's Message

Our dear heavenly Father, I come to You worshipping You as the God of creation. Nothing happens to me that You do not know. I pray this day for a growing faith in You to face today's challenges. When I falter, You are there for me. By Your grace may Your power in my innermost being increase my faith in You.

~ PRAYER by Samuel Ratnam, Vicar's Warden, St Hilda's Church

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Nothing from August 29, 2016 to August 29, 2016.



(An Excerpt from our 80th Anniversary Book in 2014)

9 June 2016

‘As in Nehemiah 8:10, the joy of the Lord has been His special gift to St Hilda’s Church since its founding in 1934. This spiritual heritage of faith, hope and love has not changed through the dark years of the War till now. We go forward with the same spirit of joy that was evident when young Revd John Hayter was in charge of St Hilda’s in 1942

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One Thought – A Devotional
Serving God

24 August 2016

There is an old couple in their seventies who have not seen or spoken to their favourite elder son for 11 years.

Each family seems to have its own problems. This family is lower middle-income. Uncle worked as a supervisor in a family-owned rubber estate. Auntie helped to care for children in the day to make ends meet. They saved and scrimped to put their two boys to school in Johor Bahru. They worked even harder to put the older boy, who was smart, through university in Singapore. He graduated, got married to a Singapore girl, found a job here, and then the altercation happened.

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