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Today's Message

I used to only attend church on Easter and Christmas.But when I had my muscle problems, many church members came to minister and pray for me. I didn’t even know how they knew about my sickness.

- Testimony by Mary Foo.

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    22 Aug 2014

    Neighbourhood Blessing by Timothy Ezekiel

    It was a sight to behold, entering the main hall of St. Hildas’ Church, being greeted by close to 300 members of the church dressed in maroon, overflowing with enthusiasm. The room was literally buzzing, people separated into their cell groups were chatting with the stray church leaders running around, making sure that everything they had planned out falls perfectly into place...

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    One Thought - A Devotional

    To Be The Least

    During my recent trip to Beijing, I met a long-time friend. He is volunteering in a local Church mentoring younger Christians. Over dinner he shared how God repeatedly reminded him “to be the least” when serving others. On my flight back to Singapore, I started to read my regular devotional scripture and lo and behold, Luke 9:48 stared me in the face. What did this mean?

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