Today's Message

Dear Christ Jesus.

How blessed are those who believe in You and live their lives as a hymn to Your goodness and love. Lord, give us the strength and perseverance to walk Your straight and narrow path. Life is so full of distractions and temptations. Always they draw us away from you in their silent insidious ways. Fill us, Lord, with Your Holy Spirit that we may successfully resist the devil's delicious lies. Be our watchman, Lord, that we do not stray from You but remain always within the walls of Your holy fortress! Amen!

- Prayer by E1 member. St Hilda's Church

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21 September, 2017
  • Home Visitation

    21 September, 2017

    Should you need home visitations or if you would like to join the team; please contact church office to speak to Ps Allison Chee.



25 July 2017

On 9 August 2017, from 9am to 12.30 pm, singles, married couples with or without children and seniors are invited to join in a symposium organised by St hilda’s Church.

To be held in Bethel Hall, the symposium will help participants strengthen relationships between husbands and wives, as well as parents and children.

By building God-rooted and God-centred families, we can stem the tide of the devil’s assaults on our families.

You will receive fresh insights into the state of families in Singapore and the need for a holistic approach to live out our faith grounded at home.

Speakers are St Hilda’s Vicar Wong Tuck Meng, and Pastors Ben and Dinah Lee, from Focus on the Family.

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One Thought – A Devotional
From Mourning to Dancing (Psalm 30:11)

23 August 2017

The Book of Psalms records both the joyous as well as the sorrowful emotions of the Psalmist. It records the author crying out to God to sustain him during difficult and troubled times. The Palmist expresses moments when pain and suffering are intolerable, God seems distant, and, seems to have turned His back on him.

Going through these Psalms, I feel empathy for the Psalmist.

There was a period when I was plagued with numerous challenges at work: from delays in projects to shouldering blame for mistakes committed by others. These ultimately cast deep personal doubts about my own abilities. The struggles became intense as each day went by.

But, fortunately, I soon realised that God had allowed this and had mercifully journeyed with me. He called me repeatedly to trust him, Psalm 62:7-8. I then went into a period of silence and solitude, which I learned during a Silent Retreat at Trinity Theological College. God’s peace and refining power offered conviction, redemption and comfort. During this period, I took to reading Henri Nouwen’s Turn My Mourning Into Dancing.

Coupled with the Word and Henri’s writing, I journeyed through those tough times.

I recounted how the Bible recorded the plights of others: from Job to David, and Jeremiah to the Apostles. And also Jesus Christ, who “on the cross he experienced isolation and desolation beyond human comprehension that we might know the indescribable satisfaction that awaits us at the end of our search for God’s presence in our lives – his power, glory, love and help.”

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