Today's Message

Dear Father God,

Thank You for Your providence and goodness to St Hilda’s and providing her with shepherds under the Great Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Help us to examine ourselves through this shaking up of the body of Christ in these times. Help us to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ, our Lord, that we may continue to run with endurance the race You have set before us. Father, many in the congregation are aging. We thank You for Your faithful care over our elders.

We pray You renew us with younger leaders to take Your church forward. Raise up men and women who are after your own heart that indeed St Hilda’s will shine out as a beacon of faith, hope and love in the community.

Fill our pastors and our leaders with your anointing and gentle wisdom to lead Your people in St Hilda’s that we may grow as one body, mature in the Lord and measuring up to the fullness of Christ.

Help us not to be hindered by the many distractions of the world and the cares of life, but to be steadfast in our faith, loyal and obedient to You alone as we seek Your kingdom and righteousness.

Finally, thank You, Father, for surrounding St Hilda’s with Your protection during the Covid-19 health crisis. Continue to shield us and overshadow us, we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen

- Brother S.C. Chak. E1. St Hilda’s Church

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Christian Education

Failure Is Not The End

19 Jan 2020

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I am sure failure in what we have done and our relationships have always got us down. No two ways about it. We would have been disappointed. We would have been angered. We would have been exasperated. We would have been depressed. We would have felt let down by people who we thought could be trusted and we loved. Sometimes, we would have felt like giving up. But, looking back, and mostly after having “fought” back or got back on our feet when we could, we would have always got up wiser and stronger. By the grace of God.

We will always be in broken situations. No two ways about it. But I have also come to learn that the Spirit in us is what will revive and re-energise us. If we call on It with all our heart! Praise God that He is always here for us. He is the potter. We are His clay. He is continuously forming us. We should be grateful we are always in His hands. In His hands! How wonderful that is! How marvellous!

– Colin Chee



Vicar’s Warden (Appointed):
Mr David Soh

People’s Warden: Ms Shirley Tan

Synod Representatives (2020-2023):
Mr Danny Koh
Mr David Soh
Ms Shirley Tan
Mr Yew Bok Chin

PCC Members:
1. Mr Joel Chew
2. Ms Iris Chua
3. Mr Brian Gan
4. Mr Leng Yaw Owe
5. Mr Leslie Peters
6. Mr John Teo
7. Mrs Lily Tow
8. Ms Michelle Wong

Please keep these our brothers and sisters in prayer.

Streaming Services and Podcasts

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, please note that St Hilda’s weekly Sunday services are available at 8.00 am on this link in our Website.

Gradual Opening of Churches

Under the government’s Phase 2 plan to re-open Singapore, places of worship may resume limited services gradually as follows:

Weekly Holy Communion Church Services will resume on Saturday, 4 July / Sunday 5 July 2020 in the church sanctuary.

New Service Times:

  • Saturdays at 5:00pm
  • Sundays at 8:00am and 5:00pm

Limit for each service – 50 worshippers. Please call the church office to make your bookings.

Private Worship

Scheduled Worship
Up to 5 pax from the same household may pray and worship together (without singing) in the church sanctuary for up to 45mins on designated days and time slots. There will be no private worship on Sundays and Mondays.

Booking is required. You may book your time slot by calling the church office at 63443463.
(Please see *schedule below)
A pastor will be available to guide you if you require assistance.


  • Morning Sessions: Tuesday to Saturday 9am and 10.30am (except Wednesday)
  • Afternoon Sessions: Tuesday to Saturday, 2.30pm and 4pm (except Saturday)

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Reference materials and resources for Home Cells, Bible Study Groups and Christian Education Ministries may be found in this link to Ethos Institute’s website.

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Easter Reflection During COVID-19, April 2020

19 Apr 2020

So they went out quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to bring His disciples word.
– Matthew 28:8
‘They’ were Mary Magdalene and Mary, mother of James, and Mary Salome, who were the first to come to look for Jesus’ body in the tomb assigned to him. An angel of the Lord with a countenance like lightning and clothes as white as snow had descended from heaven and rolled back the heavy stone from the door of the tomb.

The guards had fallen down in great terror, as though dead. But the angel comforted the women, “…do not be afraid…” and gave them an instruction.  Fear and joy gripped them as they left the tomb.
Fear and joy are an unusual combination, though understandable in their context.  ‘Joy’ was because the angel had told them Jesus had arisen.  ‘Fear’ because of their encounter with the shining and glorious angel. Also, it was the fear and uncertainty of the times they were in.

The One whom they had looked to as their Messiah had been cruelly tortured and crucified, and persecution of his followers were imminent by the High Priest and his cohorts.  Doubt, uncertainty and fear were in the air for the followers of Jesus. The disciples had scattered and ‘quarantined’ themselves behind closed doors. The three Marys who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’s body were perhaps the exception.

There is a seeming parallel to this Easter that we are celebrating during the current COVID-19 situation.  There is a pervasive climate of fear as governments in countries around the world announce statistics of rapidly increasing infection and mounting death rates.

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