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Today's Message

St Hilda’s has always impacted me as a family church, It’s not a ‘rah-rah’ church but a sober, family oriented and steadfast church.

- Testimony by Patrick Hu

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    31 Aug 2014

    St Hilda’s Kindergarten Sunday

    St Hilda's Kindergarten Sunday is an annual affair which I remember since I attended the Kindergarten some 20 years ago. This special Sunday is meant to commemorate God's blessing over our Kindergarten through the years, and is always a memorable time because the Kindergarten children and their parents -along with their teachers - will attend our service together with the main congregation...

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    One Thought - A Devotional

    To Be The Least

    During my recent trip to Beijing, I met a long-time friend. He is volunteering in a local Church mentoring younger Christians. Over dinner he shared how God repeatedly reminded him “to be the least” when serving others. On my flight back to Singapore, I started to read my regular devotional scripture and lo and behold, Luke 9:48 stared me in the face. What did this mean?

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