The prayer life and culture of St Hilda’s is still a work in progress, with much room for improvement. Prayer and intercession in St Hilda’s take various forms such as the monthly prayer meeting led by our Vicar with all members encouraged to attend every first Tuesday of the month. There is also a small band of intercessors, mainly ladies, called FISH (Faithful Intercessors of St Hilda’s), who meet weekly on Tuesday mornings to pray for the Church. Then again there is a small prayer group that meets twice a month on Sunday mornings at 7.00am before the 8.00am service. All are encouraged to join these prayer sessions to transform St Hilda’s into a praying Church!


Serving God is a privilege and an honour. A server’s actions at the altar must reflect this attitude, especially so for one in the frontline of ministry. At St Hilda’s Church, servers assist the vicar or priest during services in the Sanctuary and Bethel Hall.


At the back of the worship hall during service you will see a member or two of the Audiovisual (AV) Ministry busy working on the busier-looking panels of knobs and buttons. They are literally responsible for the Church’s light and sound show.


Members of the ministry interface with members of the Church during the services through greeting, ushering, and collecting the offertory. But, most importantly, they represent our front line to welcome visitors coming to worship at St Hilda’s for the very first time.


The Floral Ministry honours God and the congregation by creating an aesthetic ambience through beautiful floral arrangements that are pleasing to the eye and conducive to worship. Notably, this is not simply a functional ministry, but one of worship as well.


For the longest time there was a need in church to keep a visual record of its many key events over the years. It was never an organized ministry. Usually, church members would record church events for themselves. However, these days, there is a team of serious photography hobbyists who volunteer their time and talent for the Lord.


For St Hilda’s this is a core ministry that provides members with the opportunity to fellowship at the Manna House after the Sunday morning services over a light snack and coffee or tea each Sunday. Manna House was formerly the canteen or tuckshop of the then-St Hilda’s Primary and Secondary schools. How appropriate that it remains as the place where the congregation now gathers for food, drink and companionship.


As part of pastoral care, the vicar and priests of St Hilda’s Church visit the sick, elderly and the homebound members of the congregation to serve them Holy Communion. The pastors often visit homebound members with other Church members and pastoral staff. While they bless those they visit, they are also blessed. The visitation teams tell of heart-felt welcome smiles and sometimes lovingly home-cooked meals.

The Car Park Marshall Ministry

This ministry is the first of its kind in St Hilda’s. Given our limited car parking space there is a need to give our members, as well as visitors, the warm equable welcome of an orderly parking experience upon arrival in Church. With the Church growing in number, looking for a parking lot can be a less than graceful, even stressful, experience. The ministry can help to put members in the right frame of mind for worship and for fellowship with one another. The ministry, together with others, can make St Hilda’s that orderly and welcoming place where God will touch and grow many lives for His glory.