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As we begin the Chinese lunar new year, LORD, we pray a blessing of good health and Your continuing grace and love for all of us, granting to us all the desires of our heart as we grow more in the likeness of Christ, and act out our faith in accordance with Your will. We pray these in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen.

- Prayer by Quek Seow Chim. E2. St Hilda’s Church

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The Cross Of Christ
St Hilda’s Church’s Lent 2018 Sermon Series

18 Feb 2018

18 Feb 2018 • Christ Made Himself Nothing
Phil 2:1-13; Matt 27:27-31 • Rev Martin Jungnickel

25 Feb 2018 • Christ turned Tragedy into Triumph
Col 2:8-15; Matt 27:32-45 • Pastor Wendy Yong

4 Mar 2018 • Christ turned Shame into Solvation
Heb 12:1-2; Rom 1:16-17; John 12:27-33 • Vicar Wong Tak Meng

11 Mar 2018 • Christ crucified: Power and Wisdom of God
1 Cor 1:18-31; Luke 16:19-31 • Vicar Wong Tak Meng

18 Mar 2018 • Christ: for every Nation, Tribe and Tongue
Rev 7:9-`7; Jphn 10:14-18; 20:19-21 • Samuel Ratnam

25 Mar 2018 (Palm Sunday) • The Lord has need of you
Zech 9:9-11; Luke 19:28-40 • Rev Martin Jungnickel


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One Thought – A Devotional
Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

4 February 2018

“Gong Xi Fa Cai! Ang Pau Nah Lai !!”

I am sure many of you, who are young parents now, or maybe not-so-young parents also, will remember this delightful pidgin Mandarin chant.

Your parents might have eagerly taught you to use this cute greeting every Chinese New Year. It was to coax your aunties, uncles and other adults to part with their little red packets of money gifts.

For many of us, as children then, this would be our first encounter with fairly large sums of money – and ALL belonging to us. (Never mind that our parents had to “pay” something up front as well.)

The money felt so good in our little hands, then. It still does, now. I am sure you will agree.

But it is often said that money is the root of all evil. It sows discord and destroys relationships. It easily becomes an obsession. And it draws you away from God and your faith in Him to provide for you.

In the 1987 movie, Wall Street, the main protagonist declared: ”Greed is …good.”

Strikingly, that same greed stoked the Stock Market Crash in the same year the movie was screened, the Asia Crisis in 1997, and the Global Financial Crisis in 2007.

Naturally, almost everyone started anticipating another supernova crash in 2017, last year. But the Big One did not come visiting. The year passed with barely a financial whimper.

Will the Big One ever happen, then? Of course, it will. There will always be one, around the corner!

And when it does come and cause havoc, mayhem and pain in our lives, people will knowingly say, “Didn’t the Bible say all along that money is the root of all evil?”

Yet, if truth be told, the Bible never said this.

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